A TRUCKIE who ran a red light and killed two children has walked free from court.

A TRUCKIE who ran a red light and killed two children has walked free from court.

Killer driver Brett Janson

Killer driver Brett Janson

Brett Janson, 40, was given a three-year suspended jail term and ordered to perform 250 hours of unpaid community work as his sentence for killing Jeton Kulafovski, 6, and Lyton Mustafovski, 9.

The fathers of the two boys, who had requested the maximum jail term for Janson, reacted angrily to the County Court sentence today.

Kabash Mefaili, Lyton’s father, said “this is f—ing crap” as he walked out of the court, while outside court a seething Fidrim Halit, Jeton’s father, asked reporters to “back off”.

In sentencing the truckie, Judge Felicity Hampel said she took into account Janson’s overwhelming remorse and guilt for causing the smash in Lynbrook, in Melbourne’s southeast, on March 26, 2008.

“You are deeply remorseful and your remorse is directed to the two victims, their families and then, your family,” she told Janson.

“There are three families, not two families, whose lives are forever changed by this tragedy.”

She said the Crown’s request that he receive a maximum jail term of six to eight years was not warranted in the circumstances.

The court heard Janson entered the intersection between nine and 10 seconds after the lights had turned red before his prime mover smashed into a sedan driven by Lyton’s mother Nejmie Mustafovski.

Janson, who was not speeding, drunk, fatigued or drug-affected, was looking for the entrance to a nursery and had paid no attention to the traffic lights, the court was told.

My Say

So basically because he wasn’t paying attention instead of being pissed, he gets off scot free is that it? 2 little kids are dead, they were minding their own business in their cars, while their parents were paying attention when this loser goes ploughing through red lights.

His reason? He was looking for the bloody entrance to a Nursery, mind you the lights had been red for 8 to 10 seconds witnesses stated in court. Is this going to be the new defence for mowing people down. It is a disgrace and does absolutely nothing for the poor families

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