David Rowntree

ALLEGED teen gunman David Rowntree has been arrested by special ops officers in Whittlesea.

Police said Rowntree, 19, was caught without incident at 2.40pm by the dog squad in a paddock at the end of Roslyn Way.

A sawn-off shotgun was found near where the arrest was made, police said.

Detective Insp Ray McLeod-Dryden said Rowntree, who was armed with a firearm, was found “secreted under a piece of tin under a group of trees” and arrested without incident…

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Degenerate, David Rowntree captured

This young fella is a complete goose, running around with a firearm terrorising residents here in Melbourne, stealing cars, robbing joints and other crimes. He has a wrap cheat longer than most Underbelly characters yet was free to roam the streets even though he was sentenced to three years jail about a year ago on other crimes.

This is what pisses me off, the weak legal system that lets these kids out,  early or on suspended sentences with their meek sorryy faces pouting in court playing up to the judges.

He was sentenced after burning a house down to conceal the fingerprints he left there after robbing the place! Can you believe it, this is a guy the system deems worthy to roam freely around our neighbourhoods. At least now, with all the publicity he wont be updating his face-book and roaming the streets for some time now

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One thought on “David Rowntree

  1. “The alleged teenage armed robber who sparked a massive police hunt this week has hurt his eye and requires medical treatment, a court heard today.”

    The poor guy, he is lucky the cops didn’t shoot him in the eye, suck it up son


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