Is Kevin Rudd Doomed-Julia Gillard challenging for Prime Minister

Off Topic But Is Kevin Rudd Doomed?

Julia Gillard challenging tonight for the leadership according to Laurie Oaks in Canberra tonight. Rudd the dud (and bullshit artist) might not even serve one term if the rumours tonight are correct.

He has done a great job of spending our hard earned on white elephant after another and to top it off he is and arsehole to work for with the biggest staff turnovers in history under him

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One thought on “Is Kevin Rudd Doomed-Julia Gillard challenging for Prime Minister

  1. Seems my whisper was correct, he is gone according to the latest odds…

    Gillard at $1.20 to become PM
    June 23, 2010 – 11:17PM

    One of Australia’s leading betting agencies has installed Julia Gillard as $1.20 favourite to defeat Kevin Rudd in the Labor leadership ballot and become Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

    Sportingbet Australia CEO Michael Sullivan said punters seemed to have no doubt that Gillard would oust Rudd, with several big bets coming for the government to win the next election since Gillard’s intentions to take over as PM became apparent.

    “Julia Gillard would not be running for leader unless she knew she had the numbers,” Sullivan said.

    “We have posted her as a clear favourite at $1.20, with Rudd a distinct outsider at $4.20 to remain Prime Minister.


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