Julia Gillard New Prime Minister

New PM julia Gillard and her new Deputy Wayne Swan

New PM julia Gillard and her new Deputy Wayne Swan

Well a lot of Aussies woke up in disbelief this morning, they went to bed last night with Kevin Rudd as PM and woke to Julia Gillard as PM, the very first female PM in Australia’s history.

This is a blog about Aussie Criminals and Crooks, but as this has been a significant event in our history I find it worthy of commenting on. Lets she what she does different guys!

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7 thoughts on “Julia Gillard New Prime Minister

  1. Just to get a gist for the feelings of “My Fellow Australians” here are some comments from the papers today…
    Ruth of Melbourne Posted at 11:15 AM Today

    Great news today!

    Comment 901 of 928
    Deano of Morwell Posted at 11:15 AM Today

    So they wanted a female PM and the worst thing about this redhead gillard is she’s a pom, how backward this country has become. ETS and the mining tax had nothing to do with this crap even though Rudd was more of a Dudd towards the end of his term,the intentions were to help all Australians, i still want my vote back. What a publicity stunt to get Australias first female PM. This is a joke!!!!

    Comment 902 of 928
    Disgusted with Australian Politics. of DROUIN WEST Posted at 11:16 AM Today

    GOES TO SHOW HOW POWERFUL OUR UNIONS ARE. Today we have witnessed that the unions do control Politics, they didn’t want the mines tax and see what has happened as a result. I feel sorry for Kevin Rudd and any other Politician that has the balls to stand up against them. Goes to show this is not a Democratic Country with the freedom to speach.

    Comment 903 of 928
    Vanessa NR of keysborough Posted at 11:17 AM Today

    Julia Gillard should be ashamed!!! What she did was stab K Rudd in the back which is UNAUSTRALIAN and something our country doesnt stand for. Seems hypocritical to me…we voted Kevin Rudd as PM and NOT Julia Gillard…and what happened to the publics opinion? Does it not count…Its outrageous and unacceptable that our goverment make such serious decisions on their own! Labor has lost my vote and WONT be getting it back!! Not happy Jan…

    Comment 904 of 928
    Pam of Canberra Posted at 11:17 AM Today

    The Labor Party is a vicious, backstabbing, faction riddled entity. Remember the political assassination of Bob Hawke – after winning an election, he was knifed in the back and replaced by Paul Keating. Rudd’s political assassination is just run of the mill Labor Party behaviour, they’re displaying their true colours yet again. As for the lies, the cheating and the “black is white” approach, they have exceeded even my worst expectations! Despite all the propaganda, the Liberals, however, repeatedly demonstrate they’ll put their party first and have a standard of integrity this lot have manifestly demonstrated they do not have!

    Comment 905 of 928
    Brian of Brisbane Posted at 11:17 AM Today

    Gilliard is a left wing socialist who with Rudd,Tanner and Swan, was instrumental in the Insulation debacle, the BEC joke, the Mining Tax attempted ripoff and the ETS backflip. They are all responsible for the sick state we are in. We now have the Unions running Australia. Look out!!

    Comment 906 of 928
    Tony of Queensland Posted at 11:17 AM Today

    So the Doggies have a new full forward? Does this mean Australia is also now in the space race to Mars? And will she play a love interest or villian in the lastest Brad Pitt movie?

    Comment 907 of 928
    Bring on Gillard Posted at 11:17 AM Today

    Go Gillard, this is a great day for aust. First female prime minister, and we need to remember labor saved aust from going into recession!! Remember it saved Aussies jobs and Gillard was the deputy prime minister. Kevin stepped down so Labor has a chance to Victory!!! Liberal what are your policies…aren’t you Abott the reason why our emission scheme was stopped!!! Go Gillard!

    Comment 908 of 928
    MIKEY J Posted at 11:18 AM Today


    Comment 909 of 928
    Paul of Melbourne Posted at 11:18 AM Today

    Costello, where are you man. You would win in a heartbeat. Then again, he probably gets paid 5 times more than that so what’s the point.

    Comment 910 of 928
    Leah Evans of Melbourne Posted at 11:18 AM Today

    Go WOMEN POWER, congratulations Julia you did it! Sorry Kevin it was just your time to go. It is truly a historic day, one which l am proud to witness.

    Comment 911 of 928
    Peedur Posted at 11:19 AM Today

    A lot of these comments sound familiar only with different names eh Johnny. What satisfies Australians?

    Comment 912 of 928
    Jeff Albertson Posted at 11:19 AM Today

    People if we are going to comment lets get the spelling right. It is LABOR not labour. Although having to stare at/listen to either Kevin or Julia is like doing 45 hours straight of hard manual LABOUR they are part of the LABOR part

    Comment 913 of 928
    JMT Posted at 11:19 AM Today

    How dare she accuse the opposition leader of lying, when she herself stabbed her leader in the back, after denying only a week ago that she would be interested in leading the party. It will just be more of the same, with the new “chosen” leader at the helm.

    Comment 914 of 928
    Bill from Brisbane Posted at 11:20 AM Today

    JW get a proof reader and Deb of Newport why would Julia being PM help Victoria? Rudd was from Queensland and he didn`t help us.

    Comment 915 of 928
    Third Choice of Monty Posted at 11:20 AM Today

    Rudd, Gillard – is there another choice?

    Comment 916 of 928
    Dan of Geelong Posted at 11:20 AM Today

    So it seems the “working families” who voted for Rudd don’t get a say this time round, apparently we’re not required to pick our PM. Last 2 times in office, 2 leadership changes. A vote for labour is a vote for WHO?????

    Comment 917 of 928
    ST of Melbourne Posted at 11:20 AM Today

    YAY. Julie Gillard is a very good performer a straight shooter and talker.

    Comment 918 of 928
    Scott Posted at 11:21 AM Today

    Id rather kristina keneally run the country than Gillard

    Comment 919 of 928
    Andrew of sunshine coast Posted at 11:21 AM Today

    ‘A change will not make any difference. This Govt. is so politically dumb.’ Comment 11. It’s true. Fancy expecting the electorate to sign up to anything requiring imagination and courage. It seems that the Libs track record of doing nothing has great appeal to many here. Who remember the good old days when the born to rule did. And who of course forsaw the GFC, had better solutions and know all. Makes you wonder what they’re doing here…………..

    Comment 920 of 928
    DJ of Melbourne Posted at 11:21 AM Today

    People forget, a lot of the current mess is Julia’s doing (school programs etc) They’ve simply put a pretty face on the same problem.. Bring on the election..

    Comment 921 of 928
    Jack of Docklands Posted at 11:21 AM Today

    Hmm, unelected leaders in both Victoria and in Canberra, and also in NSw………… Is this a pttern?

    Comment 922 of 928
    Denis Murrell Posted at 11:21 AM Today

    A red-headed Communist…what more could you want? A few years ago Julia’s job was to help former members of the collapsed Communist Party of Australia to join the ranks of the Labor Party. Labor must be KICKED OUT at the forthcoming election.

    Comment 923 of 928
    teeboo of Melb Posted at 11:22 AM Today

    So we now have both a state leader and a national leader which no Australian has actually voted for. what a joke

    Comment 924 of 928
    Rachel Posted at 11:22 AM Today

    Julia Gillard What A Joke! what has she promised us? how can the labour party vote on behalf of Australia we should get the choice? and kevin rudd may not have done such a great job but let us vote for ourselfs?

    Comment 925 of 928
    Nick Jones Posted at 11:23 AM Today

    At least the Labour party has the guts to change leaders, not like the Liberals where Costello was a wimp and never challenged Howard. Give Gillard a chance, she may do well.

    Comment 926 of 928
    Matthew Beayni of Alphington Posted at 11:23 AM Today

    I thought Gillard said she had more chance of being the Full Forward of the Western Bulldogs than her becoming the next Prime Minister.

    Comment 927 of 928
    Kev from dimo Posted at 11:23 AM Today

    What a balls up. Back stabber. All of a sudden Rudd wasn’t so bad after all.

    Comment 928 of 928

  2. I don’t think the issue is who has taken over from who. The point is that the current PM of Australia was not elected by the people. In a democratic society this should not be allowed to happen. If the PM stands down there should be an immediate election. But lets be honest voting is always about choosing the best of a bad bunch. It’s rude to make voting compulsory when the only real options are Gillard/Abbott. What a disaster either way!

    • I have to agree about voting, we should not be made to vote, they should be trying to win our vote, but as you ended with, does it matter in the end, we wend up in the same blame game and so it goes around again!

  3. Good on you Julia! I think she has more tenasity and gumption than most of all the other pollie’s put together.

    Watched the debate on Sunday night. She absolutely run rings around Tony Abbot. !!! Only good things to come.

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