Brighton CIU offices raided, but evidence missing in Stephen Milne sex case

My Say This saga will not go away,cops raiding cops,missing files, one senior officer had a part time job at St.Kilda football club at the time this happened in 2004. Stinks of big cover-up for their drinking buddies at the pub they all mingled at…

Brighton CIU offices raided, but evidence missing in Stephen Milne sex case

Stephen Milne and Nick Riewoldt at trainingCORRUPTION investigators have raided a bayside police station during a probe into claims senior officers tried to derail the rape investigation into Saints star Stephen Milne.

Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department officers involved in the swoop on Brighton CIU allegedly discovered that vital evidence relating to the case was missing.

Former detectives Scott Gladman and Mike Smith this week sparked the new probe after claiming other police tried to influence their investigation into a woman’s allegation she was raped by Milne at St Kilda teammate Leigh Montagna’s home in 2004.

Items allegedly missing from the Milne-Montagna file include:

THE master tape from records of interviews done during the original rape probe.

A REPORT prepared by the then lead investigator Scott Gladman.

VARIOUS statements and documents from the brief of evidence against Milne.

A REPORT prepared by an officer involved in overseeing the investigation.

Investigators from ESD did seize police diaries and other material during the raid, part of an Office of Police Integrity investigation.

The Herald Sun has been told police and St Kilda players regularly drink together at Brighton’s Khyat’s Hotel – and have done for years.

“The pub literally shares a wall with the police station. There was a lot of mixing going on in there between players and police,” a source said.

“It’s still a favourite watering hole for both groups.”

Milne had been drinking at the hotel early in the evening of the alleged rape, with other teammates.

The Herald Sun has been told a still-serving senior officer in the Bayside region had a part-time job with St Kilda football club during the time Milne was being investigated for rape.

That officer allegedly had a copy of the victim’s statement within hours of her making it, despite him having no involvement in the probe. He is expected to be questioned during the OPI investigation.

A former Brighton detective yesterday confirmed Mr Gladman and Mr Smith had complained to their bosses about being pressured to ensure the Milne-Montagna case went away.

The former detective, who asked not to be named, said the former detectives had told him they were being pressured by other police and that they warned their superiors about that pressure.

Both Milne and Montagna have denied any wrongdoing.

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