Check out this idiot Driver

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Check out this dude trying to save himself the $50 delivery fee, it ended up costing $478 in fines.I hope that furniture is nice and comfy, what an idiot…

A POLICE inspector says he was flabbergasted by a motorist busted carrying furniture hanging metres out of his passenger window.

Idiot Driver

"Hanging out just a little bit" tells police

Shepparton Insp Ian Bull says he was stunned to witness the motorist driving in peak hour down a busy two-lane road, The Boulevard, in Shepparton in Victoria’s north, with three large boxes protruding from the car.

He says the driver admitting his furniture was hanging out “just a little bit”, when he was pulled over about 5pm yesterday, but stressed he was “being careful” for the 6km drive home.

Insp Bull was unimpressed and slapped the driver with a $478 fine for breaching width requirements and creating a “substantial risk” to other drivers.

He said the motorist could have save himself hundreds of dollars, if he had paid the furniture store a $50 delivery fee.

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One thought on “Check out this idiot Driver

  1. I run a small building company and get idiots in like this all the time. Trying to carry 4m/5m/6m bits of timber or roofing in the back of hyundai excels! Then when I dare to say it is illegal what they are trying to do, the words that come out of there mouth.


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