Copper shoots himself in foot…

One of Victoria's finest shoots himself

A POLICEMAN has shot himself in the leg at Victoria Police’s Glen Waverley Academy. The 30-year old officer, who is stationed with Victoria Police’s elite water police unit, was undertaking firearms training when his gun accidentally discharged while he was holstering it. The man was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to The Alfred hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A police spokesman described the injury as superficial. The accident happened about 11.30am while the officer was under instruction. The incident comes less than a week after Victoria Police launched a $6 million advertising campaign aimed at securing new recruits.

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4 thoughts on “Copper shoots himself in foot…

  1. Dumb Prick, he’l get through the academy. If a woman who didnt have enough strength to pull the glock out of its holster past, he will. Whats that poor girl going to do if someone pulls a gun on her, ask them nicely if they could wait & help her get her gun out of its holster before they shoot her. I think not. I’m old school where copers had to meet a heep of requirements to join the force, now they have only two requirements. A Pulse & no criminal record that they know about.


    • How funny does it look when you see some 5’2 18 year old pimply skinned greenhorn walking the streets trying to get some “Respect” No wonder they get laughed at.

      Coppers should at least have a bit of stature and some life experience, not living at home playing video games and whinging to their mum about paying 50 bucks board… Imagine if the old crooks were around still with these kids walking the beat? Maybe they are signing up to be a tv star on Recruits???


      • Walking the streets of Dodge City.
        They need to take the guns of all coppers!!
        Just have special units to deal with so called crazy s??
        Pommy coppers don’t carry guns!! They call out special Units, I MEAN, WELL TRAINED coppers, to handle situations like what happened. Just read A piece from the TYLER CASSIDY inquest. Poor kid had no hope!! I can deal with coppers shooting someone with a gun that fires on them, but this.. These coppers need to be sacked & charged with MURDER.
        This poor kid was shot by 3 ??? Different coppers???? So I read??
        Protecting the Public they say??
        They Tranquillize wild animals.. WHAT’S WRONG WITH A HIGH PRESSURE FIRE HOSE?? But this, its all wrong.. Its BLOODY CRAZY……..
        Yeah I wasn’t there But…..


    • the news papers tell the corporate soldiers that they are better than us I dont need a gun to feel big cause im not a crim, copper or soldier i am a man my number is …


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