CINDY Gambino speaks on guilty verdict…

Cindy Gambino

Cindy Gambino, mother of 3 boys drowned my their father

CINDY Gambino says her life of tragedy is over and she’s finally ready for her “happily ever after”.

Farquharson timeline photo gallery. Click here.

Speaking for the first time since her ex-husband’s conviction for murdering their three sons by drowning them in a dam near Winchelsea on Father’s Day 2005, Ms Gambino said she now looked ahead with optimism.

“I’m not sure of the future but I know it’s going to be a positive one,” she said.

“I feel like I’ve got the happily ever after.

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“I can’t bring my boys back, but they’re in a better place now.

“I’m glad it’s over.”

Ms Gambino said she never guessed her ex-husband had been plotting such an unspeakable act of vengeance.

“I honestly thought things were going forward,” she said.

“He (Farquharson) didn’t show any bitterness and in the last three to six months was happier with the children.

“He did more talking to other people, but with me he was even more accommodating than anything.”

Ms Gambino also wanted to “set the record straight” on some of the claims made by Robert Farquharson during his two trials.

Until now, Ms Gambino has refused to comment on claims she started an affair with current partner Stephen Moules while living with Farquharson or that she antagonised her ex-husband by living in their house with her lover.

“That’s just not true,” she told the Geelong Advertiser.

“Stephen and I didn’t actually move in together until three months after the children died.

“Those words came from Robert’s mouth … we were living in separate rental properties until then.

“I didn’t start a full relationship with Stephen until the night my children died.

“We were really just starting out on our relationship, we were still in the honeymoon stage when it all happened.

“Robert had a lot of misconceptions in his head.

“I just don’t want that picture painted, because it’s not true.”

Photos from outside court last week. Click here.

The home the couple had started building before their marriage ended was still just a frame on a concrete pad.

Ms Gambino revealed she had experienced a lot of tragedy in her life.

“When I was 14, I had a boyfriend who was 17 and he had a motorbike licence for six days when had a head-on collision with a semi-trailer,” she recounted.

“He had to have his leg amputated and I supported him all through that.

“When I was 16, I lost my best friend in a car accident.

“Then when I was 20, I lost another boyfriend in a car accident.

“I honestly believe God carries me a lot.”

Ms Gambino said she now saw her life in two distinct stages; with her three boys and after their murder.

She ruled out having more children, saying she was happy being a new mother with two young children with Mr Moules.

By Kerri-Ann Hobbs

July 26th, 2010

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