Ian David Blundell pleads guilty to possessing more than 50,000 images of child pornography

My Say

Remember this name people,  Ian David Blundell, a dirty old perve who had over 50,000 porn images of innocent exploited children from around the world. He was sentenced to 5 years with a minimum of 3 years. What a joke, this bloke is as bad as a rapist, because in his mind I’m sure he was fantasising about doing exactly that to these kids and probably would rape them given a chance. 3 lousy years of fantasising about when he gets out to do it again…pathetic…

A MAN who possessed over 50,000 images and 1600 videos of child pornography contributed to the extreme sexual degradation and exploitation of children in poor countries, a judge said today.

Judge Sue Pullen told Ian David Blundell, 31, that possession of child pornography was not a victimless crime because men like him created the world-wide market for the material.

The judge said that when police raided Blundell’s Morwell home they found computer discs, DVD’s, CD’s and videos containing the very worst examples of child pornography.

They showed babies, children and young teenagers being held down, sexually abused and tortured by adult males.

“It is hard to describe the depravity shown in these images,” she said.

“In many of the images the children are distressed and crying.”

Blundell pleaded guilty in the County Court to one count of possession of child pornography, involving of 56,760 images, 1653 videos and 956 stories.

He also pleaded guilty to a single count of downloading child pornography from the internet and four counts of making or producing child pornography.

The offences were committed over a three year period from 2005.

Judge Pullen jailed him for a total of five years with a minimum term of three years.

The judge said that background reports before the count showed that Blundell was an inept, illiterate loner with low self esteem and she said he had little insight into his offending and limited remorse.

Judge Pullen said most of the victims were from poor countries with no child protection and they were re-victimised every time an offender like Blundell viewed the images or videos.

She said that although Blundell produced CD’s containing the images and videos he did not sell them but his offending was at the higher end of the scale.

8 thoughts on “Ian David Blundell pleads guilty to possessing more than 50,000 images of child pornography

  1. Beka, yours is the most likely public response to this sociopath, so we should let that be.
    Of course, you wish someone else to dispose of Mr Blundell, but that is to be expected.
    But this guy started collecting images of minor age children when he was 26 years of age, and in four years he amassed a collection of 50,000 images and 1600 videos.
    And all this from an individual who was described in submissions to the court as inept, illiterate and a loner with low self esteem who, the judge stated, had little insight into his offending and limited remorse.
    Not to mention casual references to his having been diagnosed as suffering bi-polar illness, which was my interest in the story.
    There are two questions which need to be asked here. The first is, what sort of man will Blundell be in three and a half years (minimum) or five years (maximum) – on his release from prison. Can the prison system provide effective psychological and psychiatric intervention for this very sick puppy – who will be kept in solitary confinement for every day of his imprisonment at enormous cost to the tax payer.
    The second question is how can a “monster” such as Blundell have existed in society
    for the past – say, twenty years – without coming to adverse notice of the police and the judiciary? He is described as illiterate, inept and a loner – but he has obviously been successful in building a whole network of anonymous fellow paedophiles on the internet. It is to be hoped that the police, while analysing the sources of his images and the data on his hard drive(s) will succeed in identifying other sociopaths who need to be brought before the courts. –
    So (1) spare a thought for the detectives who work in this potentially soul destroying area and (2) ask yourself why Mr Blundell was not identified many years ago as a piece of human detritis – cast aside by society to follow his own depraved pursuits.


  2. What you need to understand is that these people are not in good mental health. To gain some insight, perhaps you should imagine that having normal sexual desires was deemed immoral and abusive. To act upon them or to view porn would be completely illegal, yet you could not choose or prevent your sexual feelings, and would therefore struggle to obey the law. This is what these people go through. By no means am I demanding sympathy, because this man is an adult who can make his own decisions, but I do not know that an article like this is warranted when you are so clearly ignorant. There is no assistance available to adults who have desires for children. And I’m sure that if there was, people such as yourself would suggest they be locked up before they can ever offend. to make a comment such as “What a joke, this bloke is as bad as a rapist, because in his mind I’m sure he was fantasising about doing exactly that to these kids and probably would rape them given a chance.” Is absolutely ridiculous and only further illustrates your ignorance (and poor spelling. nothing against crappy spelling but if you’re going to run a website, spellchecking your posts is what any intelligent person would do). This man was given every opportunity to abduct and rape a child, simply by living in our society. however, he has chosen to view material online instead of doing this. While this is still completely unacceptable, to say that it is “as bad as rape” is absolutely ridiculous.

    Please stop giving “Your Say” on issues you clearly do not understand. You are only further spreading the ignorance, hate, and anger, that leads reformed paedophiles to reoffend. Feeling hateful or angry towards these people is more than reasonable, but to publish and spread these feelings is provocative and unneccessary, and only further endangering the lives of the children you are trying to protect. After years of therapy, to be released from prison and chased from your home is not going to make you feel as though you could ever have a normal life again. And if the prospect of a normal life is gone, what motivation would you have to continue working to suppress desires you have absolutely no control over? If you have no motivation or prospects of a normal life, why not abduct a few kids and rape them, to be sent back into prison?

    Your posts are fear mongering rubbish. grow up.


  3. This man I personally know. He is not a pedophile and I WAS there at all of his court cases and none of these facts are true he just got his facts from ONE reporter who actually wrote an aplology letter later on.
    He has never touched a child and the child pornography they did find was deleted goods from downloads off ares. They were all deleted as soon as he relised what they were.
    It is so easy on ares to download something like home and away and get child pornograpy or some other porn.
    He is not guilty of child pornography he is guilty of not smashing his computer after he came across one.
    People say stuff to get the anger in peoples lives but look at it this way, everytime these articles come out I am the one that is homeless, cant get a job, get bashed and everything else.
    Since he went to prison I have been beaten, kicked out of homes, chased out of homes, had everyone turn against me.
    All because these people want to get their pay from google. None of these facts are true and he did not get three years to 5 years.
    The only true thing is that he is in jail and he is not in solitry confinement at all and there are no plans for him to need it. He has plenty of friends, is one of the hardest workers in the prison and gets along with everyone including guards. He has recieved 12 certificates and a job when he gets out.


  4. My fact that he is not a pedophile comes from reports of 14 different psychiriatrists inside prison and outside of the prison system


    • Two facts in this case are 1) Possession of child pornography is an offence, 2) Blundell had in his possession over 50,000 images, 1600 videos and 900 stories realting to child exploitation and pornography.

      Withheld due to my safety from bloggers with no true info respond if you feel the need.

      With the amount of images, videos and stories that were found on his hard drive (after he deleted them) he must have download an enormous amount of Home and away and various other media incorrectly tens of thousands of times to gather such an extend of garbage that he was proscecuted for. Surely if he had downloaded all of this stuff accidently then he should have also been charged with breaching digital media copyright laws too?

      If what you purport was also true wouldn’t one just give up and try another medium to obtain what they desired to download?

      I am unsure of your connection with Blundell but if your relationship with him is the cause of your becomming homeless, chased, beaten up, unable to obtain work and have people dissociate themselves from you, I do empathise.


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