Kiesha Abrahams stepfather Robert Smith a suspect

THE stepfather of missing six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams revealed police had asked him to take them to the little girl’s body.

Robert Smith said that homicide detectives had identified him as a suspect in the little girl’s disappearance – and likely murder.

“Absolutely, they think I did it,” he said.

Mr Smith, of Mt Druitt in Sydney’s west, denied killing Kiesha, saying he loved her as if she was his own daughter.

Mr Smith said investigators “got tough” with him and demanded he reveal where Kiesha’s body had been dumped.

He said police assured him they would “help him” – with counselling and care – if he disclosed what he had done.

“They said ‘lead us to her body’ and that sort of thing. It was pretty tough,” he said.

Asked if he killed Kiesha, or if he had hurt her in any way that may have accidentally caused her death, Mr Smith denied it.

“There is no way in the world,” he said.

Mr Smith, his partner Kristi Abrahams and Kiesha’s father Chris Weippeart were all questioned separately by police the same night, but Mr Smith appeared to be the only person asked where the body was. “Kristi said they didn’t ask her that,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Weippeart said he was questioned about his relationship with Ms Abrahams, and asked to recall relevant dates since Kiesha was born.

Police denied they had given up hope of finding Kiesha alive and were searching for a body, despite divers spending most of the day scouring dams in outer suburban Marsden Park.

“The longer it progresses, the graver it becomes … but they are keeping an open mind,” a police spokeswoman said.

Kiesha was reported missing on Sunday but had not been seen by the rest of the family since about July 7.

Police confirmed they seized a vacuum cleaner, a computer and clothing from Mr Smith and Ms Abrahams’ house.

One thought on “Kiesha Abrahams stepfather Robert Smith a suspect

  1. Some current comments on this story…

    Weazel S of QLD Posted at 12:07 AM Today

    Nice tatts mum!

    Comment 1 of 15
    Chris D of Hillside Posted at 8:22 AM Today

    Poor little girl!

    Comment 2 of 15
    Gabbie of Nth Qld Posted at 8:46 AM Today

    So why is he coming out to the media and stating police are asking him these quetions ? Is this usual for a person of interest to go running to the media? hmmmmmmmm

    Comment 3 of 15
    mary smith of wallan Posted at 8:51 AM Today


    Comment 4 of 15
    melinda of Melbourne Posted at 9:19 AM Today

    I found it strange that in the first televised interview the stepfather refers to Kiesha in the past by saying “she LOVED to play” ?? I hope the police don’t bungle this one up like the Leskie case… Poor little girl, I do hope they find her safe.

    Comment 5 of 15
    enough of Melbourne Posted at 9:22 AM Today

    I hope they catch the [email protected], but most important i hope she is safe! But the system failed here again, and its not the first time! shame on you guys that knew she was being harmed and still left that child in the hands of the scums that were hurting her!

    Comment 6 of 15
    sad mother of melbourne Posted at 9:30 AM Today

    i pray to god there is a happy ending here.

    Comment 7 of 15
    Maddy of Croydon Posted at 10:51 AM Today

    They say they have identified the person who bit the little girl… that is the person I would look at.

    Comment 8 of 15
    Lilly of NSW Posted at 10:53 AM Today

    I hope this guy whom came forward was telling the truth as otherwise they would be looking in the wrong spot and wasting precious time so i hope he wasnt just a fame hunter. Also i think the police are saying now thy are looking for her body as hse has been gone to long. So sad i wish they would find her as i have been watching this everyday and it really has had a sad effect on me and no doubt so many others.

    Comment 9 of 15
    Michelle of Portsea Posted at 10:53 AM Today

    As we all believe, the child guardians know the truth. it’s a matter of getting it out of them. There are some very sick and cruel beings amongst us maskerading as human beings.

    Comment 10 of 15
    Ashley of Camberwell. Posted at 10:55 AM Today

    This stinks like cheese on a hot day – someone knows something, the person(s) responsible know it and so do the police – sooner than later, someone is going to confess or make a mistake and the police will be onto it like hair on a gorilla. Watch this space.

    Comment 11 of 15
    Jules of Girl about Town Posted at 11:52 AM Today

    the cops are doing their job, dont take it personally, if you didnt do it, dont sweat it..

    Comment 12 of 15
    Donna of Melbourne Posted at 11:54 AM Today

    Best wishes to all those involved in finding this little girl. I hope she is found soon, alive and well.

    Comment 13 of 15
    Stacey of Qld Posted at 12:02 PM Today

    I really hope they find something out soon!

    Comment 14 of 15
    paladin30 of Melbourne Posted at 12:03 PM Today

    There are a lot of questions. There is a lot to be answered for by Kiesha’s mum and her boyfriend. Why has the child attended school only 5 days this year? Why has she not been seen for 3 weeks before she disappeared? Who caused the bite injuries that were previously treated in hospital?

    Comment 15 of 15


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