Teacher, Josephine Mary Greensill, jailed for abusing boys – All convictions quashed

All convictions quashed

Melbourne teacher wrongly imprisoned for child abuse demands investigation

Updated Tue at 12:56am

Melbourne teacher Annette Toohey says Victoria Police must launch an immediate investigation into the circumstances that led to her sister Josephine Greensill being wrongly jailed for nearly two-and-a-half years.

“It’s outrageous that my sister was jailed,” Ms Toohey told the ABC’s Australian Story.

“And it’s outrageous that since her acquittal there has been no apology for what has happened to her, no-one has been held to account. We want a full investigation into this and we won’t stop until we get that.”

Ms Greensill, a retired teacher, was 59 years old when she went to prison after two men accused her of child sexual abuse, including full intercourse when they were eight years old and she was their year 3 teacher.

From the outset, Ms Greensill protested her innocence.

But in June 2010 a jury found her guilty of nine of 20 charges, all relating to an alleged incident in a tent in her backyard.

Top criminal lawyer investigates

Criminal lawyer Robert Stary, who took on the case a year after Ms Greensill’s conviction, said in 30 years of practice it was very rare for him to be so strident about a person’s innocence.

“Right from the very outset, we thought that there was something untoward about that conviction,” he said.

For Mr Stary, much of the evidence in the case “didn’t stack up”.

“The thing that struck me most is the complete implausibility of the allegations,” he said.

“The fact that they as prepubescent children claim to have had firstly penile sexual intercourse with Josephine and then in their account describing how they’ve ejaculated.

“Their description of the events really beggars belief.”

Ms Greensill said she would have languished in prison for much longer had it not been for the dedication and persistence of Mr Stary and her family.

All convictions quashed

In a unanimous appeal decision in November 2012, three Supreme Court judges acquitted Ms Greensill and quashed all convictions.

“They were incredulous as to the nature of the evidence and the conviction,” Mr Stary said of the judges’ decision.

The judges gave nine reasons for their decision, including “a real likelihood” the two complainants had collaborated and “a real possibility of concoction”.

They also cited considerable inconsistency in the evidence of the men, a lack of medical and forensic evidence, and a possible financial motive relating to the prospect of compensation.

“When I left jail, I was 61 and I’d served two years, five months and 13 days,” Ms Greensill said.

The toll on her health has been substantial, both physically and mentally, and she has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“One of the most distressing things about the time in jail was that I missed important family events, like my aunty’s 90th, a few 60ths that I missed, including my own 60th birthday,” she said.

“I had three grandchildren born.

“And one of my sisters got breast cancer and I wasn’t there to support her, and sadly my son-in-law passed away and I wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral – no reason [given], just ‘no, you can’t go’.

“It was really tough knowing that all these things were happening, really important things in my life, as I love my family, and that I couldn’t participate in them.”

Mr Stary said it was unacceptable there were no consequences for those responsible for what happened to Ms Greensill.

Police consider further investigation

Victoria Police said a Special Crime Investigation unit was considering whether to investigate the men who made the allegations in relation to possible perjury, perverting the course of justice and conspiracy.

But Ms Toohey is angry she and her sister have heard nothing from the police since January.

“We want something to happen,” Ms Toohey said.

“This has been a dreadful miscarriage of justice and she deserves to have justice.”

Victoria Police told the ABC the special investigator’s “review is ongoing”.

Australian Story spoke with the first complainant who declined an on-camera interview and the second complainant did not respond to the program’s inquiries.

Government rejects compensation claim

In the seven years since the allegations emerged, Ms Greensill has not been arrested or charged with any other offences.

In light of what the Court of Appeal has said, this case should never have gone before a jury.

Lawyer Robert Stary

Ms Greensill said she has spent well in excess of $200,000 to defend herself since the case began.

Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula rejected an application for an ex gratia payment to compensate her for what happened, saying her case did not fit the criteria of suffering a financial loss or other detriment directly as a result of the workings of government.

No other form of government compensation is open to Ms Greensill.

A leading Melbourne QC is understood to be currently assessing this decision.

Mr Stary believes the Victorian Government should be accepting responsibility.

“In light of what the Court of Appeal has said, this case should never have gone before a jury,” he said.

Ms Greensill’s family said their experience of the judicial system was a warning to others.

“She was innocent,” Ms Toohey said. “If it could happen to her, it could happen to anybody.”

My Say

Here is one you do not see often, A female teacher jailed for sexually abusing boys back in the seventies. I am sure this scumbag (man or woman does not matter) thought she had got away with this one, lets hope she does the full 5 years. Her husband who died in a car accident hopefully never knew what his deviant wife was up to and is left to rest in peace…

A MOTHER of five who had sex with two 8-year-old boys who were her school pupils has been jailed for up to five years.

Josephine Mary Greensill was a Grade 3 teacher when she molested two students in a tent in her back yard in the 1970s.

Judge Gabriele Cannon said her crimes were repugnant and dastardly, robbing the victims of their childhood innocence.

Greensill, now 59, denies sexually abusing the children but a County Court jury found her guilty of nine charges.

Judge Cannon said Greensill had treated the two boys as teacher’s pets in the days before the offences occurred.

She said they were invited to a camp out at her home and Greensill had sex with them, instructing them on what to do.

The victims lost all trust in teachers and the crimes had “poisoned and eroded” their lives.

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Greensill lost her husband in a tragic train crash in 2006 and the impact on her family had been great, the judge said.

But Greensill had shown no remorse and got no discount for pleading guilty as she maintained her innocence.

She was jailed for five years and ordered to serve at least 2 years 8 months before being paroled.

She will be a registered sex offender for life… And thank god for that people

And here is what people think of you Mrs.Greensill

  • banal of CBD Posted at 11:19 AM Today

    wha? wow!!! finally a good sentence!

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  • Toola of Keysie Posted at 11:23 AM Today

    What a disgusting human being she is.

    Comment 2 of 38

  • Paul of Melbourne,vic Posted at 11:32 AM Today

    All teachers should undergo psychiatric analysis prior commencing their teaching courses.These ‘psycho’s’ must not be allowed to even get close to our children.

    Comment 3 of 38

  • Comeon of harsher penalties Posted at 11:33 AM Today

    She should be jailed for a hell of a lot more time than that. 15yrs minimum. She ruined those childs lives. Those two boys have been sentanced to a life of hell thanks to her. Damn this stupid government and damn that EVIL woman.

    Comment 4 of 38

  • Suzanne of Lilydale Posted at 11:36 AM Today


    Comment 5 of 38

  • doc eggbert of banrock station Posted at 11:39 AM Today

    8 year olds????? well that’s going to make interesting pillow talk for these 2 lads later in life.

    Comment 6 of 38

  • C.E of melbourne Posted at 11:39 AM Today

    This is disgusting 8 year olds what is the matter with people she should of got longer in jail as parents you have trust in teachers to do the right thing but with this sort of thing going on you can not trust teachers either…. THIS WOMEN SHOULD HANG HER HEAD IN SHAME BUT DONT WORRY LOVE THEY WILL LOOK AFTER YOU IN JAIL AND THEY WILL INSTRUCT YOU WHAT TO DO WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN TO DO SEX FAVOURS FOR SOME IN THERE HAVE FUN LOVE…..

    Comment 7 of 38

  • Jane Lewis Posted at 11:52 AM Today

    Well as a woman wanting equal rights I think this lass is entitled to an equal sentence to a man, slap on a few more years please!

    Comment 8 of 38

  • Katie of Geelong Posted at 11:52 AM Today

    5 YEARS and out in less than 3! What a joke! When are we going to start treating these horible crimes seriously. Where is the justice for these boys. Their innocence was taken from them and sent their lives on paths that they did not deserve. Appauling!

    Comment 9 of 38

  • Darren of Here N Now Posted at 11:53 AM Today

    What has the death of her husband in 2006 got to do with her offending back in the 70’s?? What a crock our justice system has become!! 2 yrs min is BS….compared to the effects this would have on 8 yr olds life and future. A 5 yr sentence should mean 5 yrs… what BS.

    Comment 10 of 38

  • Fred de Boer Posted at 11:55 AM Today

    Did she get 5 years or 2 and a bit years? Is there anybody who will get the full term? After poisoning and eroding 2 lives, why do you get only a couple of years in prison? Where is the protection for the next victims?

    Comment 11 of 38

  • Pat Rooney of Melbourne Posted at 11:59 AM Today

    8 year old boys??? WTF is wrong with this woman???

    Comment 12 of 38

  • Stu of Mentone Posted at 12:08 PM Today

    She gets 5 years – a priest would just get relocated – work that out ?

    Comment 13 of 38

  • sam of far cue Posted at 12:11 PM Today

    so it should be

    Comment 14 of 38

  • Dan Posted at 12:14 PM Today

    2 yrs and 8 months for molesting children. This is a joke isn’t it? What does she get if she murdered them…4 yrs? Bloody hell our justice system needs to have a good hard look at itself.

    Comment 15 of 38

  • Ian of Albury / Wodonga Posted at 12:16 PM Today

    Another one out of the way

    Comment 16 of 38

  • Bobby Posted at 12:22 PM Today

    that’s just crazy! 8 year old boys. what is wrong with these people?

    Comment 17 of 38

  • Visionar of Melbourne Posted at 12:28 PM Today

    ‘Judge Gabriele Cannon said her crimes were repugnant and dastardly, robbing the victims of their childhood innocence’ and ‘The victims lost all trust in teachers and the crimes had “poisoned and eroded” their lives’. What did the men (the then boys) said?

    Comment 18 of 38

  • Milly O of Ivanoe Vic Posted at 12:31 PM Today

    How would a middle aged woman, a teacher, have sex with 8 year olds? Even if physically possible, why? As a mother of 5, surely she would have more empathy with children than this? The human race is muddled with so many contradictions, and with so many vices. Abusing children must be one of the lowest crimes, apart from murder.

    Comment 19 of 38

  • DM of Sydney, Australia Posted at 12:35 PM Today

    If it was a male teacher to 8 year old girls, I guarantee it would of been a life sentence.

    Comment 20 of 38

  • Casper of Ouyen Posted at 12:36 PM Today

    That’s just f….d I hope this piece of filth gets some real justice while she rots inside.

    Comment 21 of 38

  • jacki of craigieburn Posted at 12:40 PM Today

    So,tell me. Who can our children trust, if not their parents or teachers? I can’t and never will understand why these people of trust abuse that position of trust. As always…suffer the little children at the hands of evil doers..!!!!!

    Comment 22 of 38

  • jen miedzinski of can you just put jen from rushworth please. Posted at 12:40 PM Today

    i hope this piece of filth rots in jail, your turn has come now to be told what to do for sex now in jail, women prisoners wont take to kindly to a discusting person like you and to show no remorse, have a good nights sleep. ha ha.

    Comment 23 of 38

  • Jules of Girl about Town Posted at 12:41 PM Today

    its a real shame that this child rapist wasnt found out long ago..shame on her! sex with an 8 yr old??? dirty HO!!

    Comment 24 of 38

  • Ray of Pt Melbourne Posted at 12:46 PM Today

    Interesting that our society dishes out substantially higher punishment for crimes such as this than for bashings where the victims come within an inch of their lives. Paul of Melbourne,vic (statement 3) Do you really think that psychiatric analysis can detect would-be offenders? You might as well look at potential offenders’ star signs, or read their palms – you’d have more chance.

    Comment 25 of 38

  • Terry Reynolds of Hampton Vic Posted at 12:46 PM Today

    This is a most unusual situation and one wonders why the two “boys” concerned, who would now be in their forties, would be motivated with a need to humiliate Mrs. Greensill and her family and friends now, over 30 years later? Were they awarded money which the split with their lawyer? What hope did this 59 year old teacher have of defending herself when there would presumably have been no evidence, just her word against the word of the two men? Was she a “serial transgressor” with a history, or was this isolated and out of character. Also did her lawyers wrongly urge her to plead guilty just as a tactic to keep this 59 year old lady and mother of five, out of Court and the press.

    Comment 26 of 38

  • Helen of Hawthorn Posted at 12:47 PM Today

    Wow, just goes to show that your past really can catch up with you……she probably thought she had gotten away with it after 30 odd years…..your turn to bend over lovey, hope you enjoy it…

    Comment 27 of 38

  • Sexist of Perth Posted at 12:53 PM Today

    If she would be a men (having sex with two 8 yo girls) I’m sure she would get 15-20 yrs in no time.

    Comment 28 of 38

  • Luke of Melbourne Posted at 12:54 PM Today

    What sort of jail term would a male teacher have gotten if he had sex with 8 year old girls?

    Comment 29 of 38

  • janet of shepparton Posted at 12:57 PM Today

    If it was up to the churches she would be walking the streets and stalking more young kids.

    Comment 30 of 38

  • Emma of melbourne Posted at 1:02 PM Today

    What the HELL is wrong with some people? How could people do such a terrible crime by robbing a child of their childhood? She should be locked away for life not 5 years. I hope she gets suffers in gaol and for the rest of her life just like those poor boys will have to suffer for the rest of their lives.

    Comment 31 of 38

  • Franca/St Kilda East Posted at 1:02 PM Today

    This is absolutely disgusting, what possible enjoyment could she have gotten out of doing this. I’m sick to the stomach thinking of those innocent children & how she has ruined their lives. What makes this even worse is that she has 5 children, how would she feel if someone did this to her children.

    Comment 32 of 38

  • Rae Posted at 1:10 PM Today

    It is not only obscene and disgusting but i want to know how come her name can be identified but others that have done the same can type of crime can get away with having their name suppressed. She will do the time and her life as it should be is ruined but others just get moved into a new community with a new identity.

    Comment 33 of 38

  • Jack of the sea Posted at 1:10 PM Today

    What a sick perverted vile cockroach. The only thing worse than her disgusting crime is the pathetic sentence handed out to her. I hope some bulls in prison make her their own personal hand puppet for the next couple of years.

    Comment 34 of 38

  • Lisa N of Brooklyn Posted at 1:12 PM Today

    A jury finds her guilty, I am assuming that they are right, how can anyone guilty of such crimes not plead guilty? What are people like her missing in their souls?

    Comment 35 of 38

  • rachel Posted at 1:17 PM Today

    And the Church wants to rehabilitate this piece of scum. It’s a bit after the horse has bolted, isnt’t it???

    Comment 36 of 38

  • michael Posted at 1:18 PM Today

    Bet her kids are really proud of her

    Comment 37 of 38

  • Tim of Point Cook Posted at 1:18 PM Today

    wouldnt be anywhere near as much as what a man would get. totally sick of this system they call justice

    Comment 38 of 38

141 thoughts on “Teacher, Josephine Mary Greensill, jailed for abusing boys – All convictions quashed

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    • They say most sex offenders were once offended.

      Could/Should she now be held accountable for the actions of the 2 boys, (now men).

      I wonder if this has all come to light, as a result of one of these two having committed a similar offence, themselves.

      Now using their unfortunate past as reasoning for their actions


      • at what age do people take responsibility for their own shortcomings? whilst a child is not in control nor is an adult responsible for their past as a child, they are in charge of their future. just as these two 40yr olds are. cmon,


  2. an interesting twist to the story is Jo was awarded a large sum of money when her husband died in a train accident april 06 – his name was Vic Greensill.
    6ish months latter these two ‘victims’ accused Jo of molesting them as little boys when she was a school teacher. One of the victims is Rodney Shadbolt – a train driver, Vics co-worker. Now that Jo has been convicted Rodney and Steve can now go after this money that she was awarded. if there is any money left after the massive legal fees.


    • Emily,
      Maybe you need to speak to wendy and jackie and ask where the family was during the FULL court trial. A lot of evidence was never heard as she was charged under the law of that day, so when she got other male students to suck her breast and finger her it was not an offence in 1979 for a women to do that to boys. If she was charged under current law she would be facing around 45 charges and 25 years in jail. if you along with her family think it is all lies then track down all her students from the 2 school that the police now are dealing with or maybe all people who gave evidence can take a lie detector test, as I know all the victims have already said they would, shit she never even took to the stand.

      So check the facts, you seem to be forgetting that what she did was a crime and not the young kids fault. No doubt it is hard for her kids to now see what their mother is ans think of the times she may have baby sat their own children, we know she liked babies because of an eye witness account of what she did to Trevour when he was a baby.


      • Hi Mandy

        This is Jackie. Would you like to tell me who you are? You are obviously related to the Shadbolt’s. There is only one way you could know the information in your comment…. and that was if you were present in court.
        I think you’re disgusting for using our names on this site and i will take this further. Who the hell do you think you are? And I would love those 2 boys to have a lie detector test! I remember one boy in particular complaining that he didnt want to go home because his father (now dead) was bashing him. One thing the whole world is forgetting… her children (us) were there… Fancy that? Camping with them. Birthday parties, the whole lot. We know she is innocent and thats all that matters. I would be happy to have her mind my children!!
        What 2 schools? Are you dreaming things up now, just like those boys. She only taught at one school.
        A LITTLE information is dangerous for those with only half a brain.
        Be brave, leave your real name next time.


          • yeah you too me as all as bad as you percieve her to be. exactly check your facts… lifes not always fair and a case that old is based on no evidence only hearsay, so what exact facts do you have? the scary thing is i grew up in the area she was a teacher, my best friend knows one of the men, we both went to school there and had her as a teacher. my little siter when to school with her son and he had a crush on her, and this is really sad, she didnt do anything. this whole thing is a huge joke at her expense behind closed doors, her husband dying was tragic and huge news in our small community, they were bragging about scheming and getting the money off her. from what ive heard and seen the family s live were devastated after the death of thier father, and this was the nail in the coffin. if she did not do this of which im certain, this is the cruelest joke ever. she does not leave the house everyone knows who she is and what she accused of shes recieved death threats and is suicidal. people hate her for something that never happened and these sick fucks are getting public sympathy. its disgusting peadophilia is a big problem and devalues the real issue. this was firstly about money, get them drunk and talking, even when its proven shes innocent hardlly anyone will hear and shell never get her life back, we had a similar incident at our school the girls didnt like the teacher, neither did i but he didnt deserve that. giggles everywhere, he was suspended, he had ha family and had to explain, it ruined him as these accusations are not taken lightly. there were a couple of teachers i wouldnt have put it past, and the young good looking ones would have gotten away with it, and heard of a few high school hook-up in borderline positions. there was one sport teacher who was cousins with a student so her friends all knew him and hung out with him as that, he worked at our school for a bit then left and would send rather illegal messeges to girls, i have no doubt it was being encouraged. and we had some teachers that copped so much sexual abuse off student one teacher had to leave but i do wait to hear a couple on the news and would not have sympathy, they know exactly what they are geting into, and if they pursue it well they made their bed.


          • this is all lies and its really sad these scumbags are getting sympathy they are the lowest people on earth they joked about getting her money soon as she got the payout and they got it, they took away a lot more than that. they deserve a life in jail and some real sodomization for making a mockery of the peadophilia issue, anyone whose met them drunk, knows what sick people they are. thank god i live interstate now. its not really a secret in that circle. love the references to fact, its a trial and verdict based on hearsay so you argument is idiotic, you seem to be over accusatory without any facts which makes you seem like you have something to hide, its a good con man trick, accuse someone else of what you are doing to deflect blame. i dont know the family i know of them and im so ashamed of humanity in this situation these two men are bogan scum. had similar thing happen at my high school, giggles all round we didnt like him i wasnt involved but he didnt deserve that, got suspended had to explain to family. they deserve the persecution they have bestowed upon her if we saw them we’d hurt them. get off centrelink boys and get a real job, because you guys are going to come into a hard ass kicking for your actions sooner or later and nobody will have sympathy, ive never spoken with mrs greenhill only one of the men, what does that say about the case…?!? im very curious to the identities of a few people posting on here, because to people who know them, know its lies and are either stirring sh*t and being cruel or deflecting blame. just leave that poor woman alone havent you cost her enough? people are horrible, far more cruel than kids, life just not fair and people kick you when your down. and when it a peer group it can be very hard to speak up but someone close to the men must have proof and feel bad about this, come forward dont be weak i dont know how any of these guys have ever been laid, they werent exactly “class pet” types when they were in primary school, the were the bullies from memory. it was probably more likely in their blood lines, very welfare social class… let me guess the people responding to these are single mums, whose local centrelink is weribee? whats wrong with you?!? and u have to fight that case people know its crap, talk to their circle.


      • Mandy Mandy Mandy.
        If that is your real name.
        We are thinking that we will be having that eye-witness charged and sued. If she saw my mother molesting my brother why didn’t she report it to the police or to my Father? Therefore she stood by neglectfully which is worse than committing the actual offence herself don’t you think? Im pretty sure that is a crime also..You poor thing..only half the story..Their half and it is full of holes which we, ( unlike them ) can prove. p.s. my children love her and support her..unlike you, i was there so i KNOW the truth. The truth is that these lying bastards are still the same losers that they were at school.


      • emily/jackie/mary you have said a victims last and first name in this your mother was still in jail, i think that might need a lawyer to look into this.


    • who are you?
      i think if they are awarded any money, they should be awarded the money that she had back then. talk about profiteering from our loss. maggots


  3. Hi Emily, wow that is so interesting, you sound like you know a bit about this situation.I do hope that it was not as a victim, thanks so much for sharing that with us, and I will certainly keep an eye out for any more news on this story…


  4. Ho Joe, It does appear there is more than meets the eye, in relation to this story.I would love to discuss it with you in any format you feel is appropriate. Let me know what you would like me to do, as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse these cases always catch my eye

    Thanks for commenting


  5. I think you have got your story mixed up. First none of the victims ever worked with her late husband. One victim has taken his life. Her daughters went to the same school so they heard of the stories going around the school. Another school is also now of interest, even female students have put forward statements. So maybe get the truth from her kids, or the teacher who was also at court.


    • michael, i don’t remember you being there….what stories were going around the school? and please, what other school? As one of her kids who was there, and actually knows the truth, I suggest to you that you shut up before you really embarass yourself. also, i believe that one of the “victims” works at Ringwood station where Vic used to work. dickhead


  6. your all forgetting that anyone, any time at any place has access to children.. so those of you that think teachers are the worst of it are sadly mistaken… sure there are ‘bad’ people in schools, sure it might have damaged the 8 year olds… but wait.. 8 year olds don’t have good memories even on horrifying events.. and 30+years later only exaggerates the story even more so.. she might be guilty; but she could be innocent..


  7. Thank you Joe, Wendy here.
    Don’t you just love it when all these people offer opinions and are ready to hang her without knowing anything about the situation. The reason none of her children were in court for the trial is because she didn’t want us to suffer the stress of it all. Trust me…We FULLY support her. As for Jackie and myself being “aware” of the stories going around the school, what nonsense!! These two liars are just that. LIARS. And to the dickhead who suggested that she molested my brother is obviously involved with the two bastards who accused her. We her family will be taking legal action against these people who write lies about her children. Take that to the bank Rodney


    • wendy how come you have it in for rodney, seems like bad blood between you, do you know something about your mother and to ashamed to tell.


  8. All comments and reference to the names of the victims must be removed within 24 hours, otherwise criminal charges will be initiated.


  9. Rob, interesting…… I don’t know who you are but I like to see their names spread all over the media to draw attention to the fact that they were involved in this SCAM. How easy does the law make it for this kind of thing to happen to an innocent? No evidence, no witnesses, lies, lies, lies and more lies. The bastards should be named because they are the criminals not her. As said above by others, the whole story has not yet come out. These bastards are ruining other people’s lives for MONEY! Not only has this family lost a husband and father, now the kids have lost their mother and the suffering involved is unforgiving. These bastards came out of the woodwork only when they knew there was money to be scavenged. Isn’t it very, very interesting that one of these bastards actually worked with her husband for many years and not until he was out of the way did these accusations come out?? It is an obvious SCAM and they will be found out.


    • ROB BAILEY……………………cat got your tongue?????? I’d like to here what you have to say in defense of my response to your post of May 16.


  10. On balance, and bearing in mind the current silence of the braying pack, I think that at this stage the judgement must go to, ‘Emily’, who at least appears to know what she is talking about. I wonder, in view of the lack of evidence available to the public, whatever possessed the DPP in Victoria to go to bat with a forty year old case with no back-up whatsoever. There’s got to be more to this.


  11. There are other female teachers who have worked at ,for example Presbyterian Ladies College in Burwood and have been accused of molesting the students, one of these was a person who adopted me in the early seventies , I could have been spared a life of misery if the Church hadnt suppressed her name and moved her to another Christian based college in Knox . She is a liar pervert who drugs children and is a sociopath . The adoption board did not investigate her prior criminal history which included lewd behavior at the Wimmera School .She now claimsthey made up terrible stories about her ,oh really? six year olds do tend to do that…NOT


    • Hi Kylie Im privy to information on these teachers whom were all MOVED ON in 1976, The names are of the teachers who were moved on Robinson nee Cornwell, Stooke , Flynn, Mac & Riddell [male Scotch College], anyone with further information please note the Royal Commision into childsex offences are informed. Take care i hope u find justice.


  12. Kylie

    You have no idea of the background of this case and all the comments encouraged by your post are just sick. What has our society come to, judging someone on the media written garbage that is published to get this sort of attention.

    My family was affected by a sex offender and they have memories but have been able to get on with good lives. The law was different then. We were called liars and he got away with it and is still out there somewhere.

    Today is different. There’s been a 180 degree turnaround in the law and without evidence someone can be put away even if they’re innocent. How can a 30 year old event be proven to be fact or not? There have been many innocent people locked away and then found to be innocent years after their lives have been destroyed by our justice system.

    What has happened to this woman is not justice. I think if people are going to come forward after so long they also should be investigated. The facts should be sought and the evidence, or lack thereof, should be scrutinised so that no innocent party is unjustly imprisoned. Word against word is not a fair system.

    All you people out there who know absolutely zilch about this case should butt out. Use your energies for getting on with your own lives.


  13. The truth is finally revealed.

    Jo was aquitted of all charges at her appeal and the lying alleged victims can repay the money they dishonestly obtained from her. Now lets see if Rodney Shadbolt and his co-offender can be charged with perjury and counter sued. Now that is real justice.

    To dishonestly and intentionally accuse someone of this offence when they are innocent is as heinous as the actual act.

    There are a lot of people out there that should be ashamed of themselves, particularly those of Vic’s family who ultimately disrespected him by not believing in Jo. They wouldn’t have dared when he was alive. You know who you are.



  14. maybe its time that all those who made statements do take a lie detector test. And jo can also take one and answer all the points raised then ALL the story can come out once and for all with nobody hiding.


  15. the truth is she did it i know she did and there was more then the two boys that came forward what about the one,s that never told and the one that did and got into trouble and called a lier and who killed himself years later and the kids that seen her with the boys and she threatened not to tell she is a dirty pedofile who hurt alot of kids she should still be locked up


  16. lets be honest like all court cases only about 30 percent of the evidence gets heard. Her family need to ask themselves where else have they ever heard of a teacher having students over for a sleep over? would they let their kids? i worked at PN with vic and know that he left the sparks long ago before the victim worked on the job. Alot of this does not add up. jo just beat the system. Vic would be turning in his grave, thats why his family are keeping clear.


  17. cat got your tongue Emily.So when is jo doing her lie detector test? Do some research, it was a text book example of kids being groomed for the taking. Maybe this site admin can help with the test for everybody.


  18. She obviously got out because she was innocent and they set her up. Don’t make such awful comments like then when you don’t know anything. Why has it taken so long for the boys to say it. It was after her husbands death notice was in the paper…

    I hope those boys get caught. They are liars and I hope they get their karma.


  19. sorry but she isnt innocent she was my prep teacher and i seen her in the class room at lunch time with a little boy on her knee and she was makeing him put his hand up her top and he was crying and when i walked in she said id get the strapp for being inside at lunch time so i was to scared to say anything and there was alot of other kids at the school that new about this the boys that she did this to are not out for money oh and by the way after i caught her she would make me sit under her desk when i was in trouble and kick me what a nice lady


    • Bullshit! You liar! Your as bad as those guys are! And when they are in the paper coz they got caught your the one that’ll look like an idiot too! Your no better than them.


    • I went to school at Bayswater from 1974 to 1980 and stories of what this teacher was like were around a long time before 1979. I first heard of this teacher doing things to boys in her class in 1976 and know of someone in her class at that time who still claims he witnessed this teacher molesting a pupil during a lunch break in the classroom 38 years ago.
      She has never been found innocent, there is no such thing in Australian law, just had a conviction quashed which does not mean she did not do what has been alleged.


  20. Just wanted to let you know that Josephine Greensill was found NOT GUILTY on 22 Nov 2012 on appeal and acquitted of all charges. The story those boys concocted to have her gaoled will now come back to bite them on the arse. You stole 2 and a half years of her life. Shame on you both.


    • Please send my love and regards to mom ….even i’m far away still thinking of her Innocent….they stole her 2 years life , they should be jailed and shame on a person who judge someone by their stupid mouth….Only God can judge..


  21. Hi i’m so happy there are Innocent people are been blamed..soon God will give a good answered….hey people wht you gonna say she found innocent? just shut your mouth ….


  22. Your right God will judge her as she goes to hell. Why wont she take the test. How many kids sleep at their teachers house? How was it that name had changed from when it happened but the victims you think found her to be Vics widow, what are the chances? Have you ever slept at your teachers house or would you let your kids? What will you do when others come forward, say it is a major plot? I cant wait to see it on the front page. Take the test Jo and save your familx anymore pain.


  23. still waiting for the lie test on jo, she seems to have money, so has money talked in this case, i know the truth about her, she is a toe rag and filth.


  24. You people all need shut up and realise that Josephine greensill (well back when she committed the rape josephine sumpton) should rot in jail and then when she dies rot in hell. Yeah ur right god does know the truth and so does Josephine so lets hear from her and let see if she swears on her kids life that she didn’t do it and then we’ll get the two (plus a lot more who evidences didn’t get heard) to swear on their kids and families life that it did happen and we’ll soon learn the truth!! Or better yet come on let get the victims and Josephine to do a lie detector test if she’s so sure she didn’t do it there should b no problem for her.
    So I wonder now if her kids would be happy for Josephine to mind their baby sons and other kids now and have a sleep over and nannys?? Mayb there’s a reason to why older sons don’t smile or laugh to much mayb too much time at nannys!! Also mayb there’s a reason why you all call her eldest son ‘the black sheep’ of the family?? I know in my life there would be no way any of my friends whom are teachers would ever have a student have a sleepover at their house, mayb her kids should really think back to the time the two victims slept over in the tent and start b honest with themselves.
    I hope to god nothing ever happens to ur children as what as happened to these two victims.
    Mayb if the courts had heard ALL of the evidence she would’ve been in jail for 25year. I wonder if you all know if she had of done all of this in today’s time she would’ve been in jail for at least 25 but because it was done in 1979 the law was female teacher ‘didn’t ‘ do this sort of thing she got nothing. Mayb if all the evidence was heard like her making boys touch her boobs, they couldn’t b heard in court coz it wasn’t a crime in 1979. What bullshit.
    Let’s do a retrial and hear from EVERYONE and ALL the evidence.
    You are saying that poor Jo she lost 2 and a half years but what about the boyz that were 8 years old having their childhood taken away from them coz of this dirty scum bag.
    And as her posing on the front page of the age today look at the smug look on its face. That will come back to haunt her. Let’s just say i hope a lot more people come forward now and put this scum bag back where she belongs in jail.
    It’s funny how she was happy to stay in jail with no appeal until she was ordered to pay up for damages and if u ask me $65k is nothing for what she’s cause and let me just add she has NOT even paid up yet. Funny that!!
    So come Josephine Greensill let get a lie detector test done so u can prove ur ‘inosence’ for real.


  25. Use your own name “Frankie” or is that “Ned”? What a coward! As you know children who visited the house were class mates of Jo’s children who also attended the school. The money was paid into a lawyer’s holding account. It wasn’t paid because the appeal was successful. All this anger because a teacher conducted a bag search years ago and found $10 in the bag of a student.


  26. she is as guilty as, her children know the truth and so does she, 2 years in hell, WTF, her children with threats now against the families, she is a devil and toe rag.


  27. oh…! no that’s enough there won’t be any lies in court jo is not guilty yahoooooooooo. its proved …. we love you jo… leave it back what the hell of stupid ass gonna talk about


  28. and you sound like one of her family, a stupid person who cannot see past there nose, why are so many people coming forward and saying things about her, why would a bunch of adults make up lies, get her to take a test, she wont because she is guilty.


  29. i went to the high school where those boys went and wendy and jackie know of the rumors as all of us did, it was common knowledge , and why did one of her peers come forward and say she knew about the sex assualts.


    • Hey Mary or should I say Josephine the only person lying in all this is Josephine, so I guess if you can live with what you’ve done ur sicker than what I thought and if your happy about when u do die and going to burn in hell good for you or mayb u should start telling the truth and let everybody involved have a lie detector test. It’s interesting that the victims are quite willing to do one but Josephine will not, says something doesn’t it???
      As for ‘andy’s wife stay off this site and stop with name calling its a bit immature coz really this is all about sexual child abuse and she was convicted for this crime and as its been explained to me coz she hadn’t much time left for the conviction and she waited two and half years to finally appealed I’d say Josephine had also been advised if she waited the more chance she’d get away with her RAPE of the children.
      Come on Jo do the lie detector test if ur so sure u didn’t do it. Karmas a bitch and it will always bite u on the butt in time.


      • i agree frankie, by the way jo do you coming to a house in bayswater and getting the door slammed in your face by a 17 as you wonted to hear one of the boys read as he was to scared to read to you and left his reader at school, go on jo take a test, i am willing to.


  30. Jo all the best with persuing your own JUSTICE!!!
    As a person who has survived being sexually abused in my own childhood it is a shame when people make up lies and stories for their own profit or gain. It takes all sorts in this world and I am only glad that you have been found innocent, God Bless You…


    • there was no profit made you idiot, there was no money granted and you have been a victim BERN and yet you say congrats to a child molester, what a joke , maybe you lied??????, i know the truth and she is guilty, why have so many now come forward, i dont think a full classroom of then children and now adults would gain anything from lieing, just let her and the now men and others who have come forward take a lie test, i know who would fail jo, and so does her so called first family.


      Please reply nicely.


      • Please don’t call people “idiots” as it is not nice!!!
        (Lieing) Lying; why would I lie, I have nothing to gain from it!!!
        When someone is acquitted they have been found not guilty!!!
        You do yourself no justice by being spiteful, vindictive or rude. If you have a grevience there are avenues through the legal system you can use, there is no need to hound someone who has been found “Not Guilty” & “Innocent” by the highest possible authority/court.
        If there is a class full of ex-pupils as you say & not malicious gossip I am sure it would have already come to light.
        I do not understand the Hollywood fascination of lie detecting tests, maybe to much Law & Order……


        • U ask why it has not come to light well if u really are child abuse victim u know that its true when they say 30% of evidence gets heard and 70% gets thrown out for example their was another child who had come forward but because in 1979 if a female teacher makes u finger her and touch her boobs it was not an offence so all of his evidence was never heard in front of a jury and I know for a fact that statements witnesses had given were edited to suit the court system.
          This is just another case of the justice screwing up and them letting another rapeist be around our children. What’s gunna happen when Josephine re offend?


          • How disgraceful that one of these boys has taken his life & the other is being named. As if they have not been through enough from this evil woman!


  31. please show me the profanity,,,,what crap


    You have been posting under different names, such as “scumbaghater” – you have been warned with regard to your continual profanity under your different names, and your personal insults – you are banned.


    • so you are banned wendy, guilty as charged like your mother, how many people are let out to re-offend and the justice system say OOOOOPS SORRY, you sat stop going on about the lie test, well get your mum to take one to prove it and we will be back again saying WELL SHE LIED AGAIN, and the judges where males i think by what the paper said???????????????


      • Dear Guilty, Please do this world a favour and identify yourself so we know where this liable rant comes from. Jo is NOT GUILTY. That’s all there is to it. If you’d like to meet me and discuss your claims then maybe you’ll be taken more seriously. You are just a very small minded person sitting behind your vale of anonymity.

        Just a small question for you that will clear up something for me. The Greensill’s have had nothing to do with the boys since Jo’s wrongful sentencing, what did they do wrong ?

        Jo is innocent please stop this now.

        My name is Joe and I worked with Vic. Who are you ? Really ?


        • jo was once found guilty, i will meet you when it returns to court when she is found to be a liar after she has the guts to take the test, no test then she is guilty and how much did she pay the paper for her side of the story, maybe the men should see the paper for there side which by law they are allowed when she is confronted to take the test we will then see your story change, i also went to school with wendy and jackie and alot of the boys and the one that killed himself, and those girls knew of the storys about there mum(jo) and the use to cry about it to people or have they forgotton that, alot of the ex pupils remember that girls.


        • That’s funny I have spoken to a co worker of vic’s at pacific national and he said that he would not b surprised that Josephine greensill (sumpton) would do such a disgusting thing. Where we’re u Joe in 1979???
          It’s also funny how u all hated the court system when Josephine was found guilty by a jury!!! She is as guilty as they come weather u are going to believe the truth or not.


          • jo may have fooled the system this time but when its heard again and atleast 50% is heard then she shall return to her so called hell hole that she must have enjoyed for 2 years as it took her that long to go to court when she was due for parole in feb.


  32. just one more question JOE, how come jo had the court to herself for 2 days and the men and other witnesses where not allowed to appear, and why dont the boys have anything to do with there so called mother, only the females of the family has sided her………….


            • you lie for sure there, the victims where not told till the pedo was let out, mary open your eyes , you must have some doubt with the evidence that was told in the first case and now so many ex pupils coming forward and backing up statements , if you had half a brain you would wonder and SAY , hey take the test mum to prove it and shut them up, but again narrowed minded people dont think outside the square, mud sticks and now with the HEY DAD scandel people now understand why others are ashamed of what happened to them and only come forward when they can face the abuse themselves, one killed himself but others have stood tall and justice will happen again that i am sure of and you will eat your words, maybe ACA/TT needs to be approached about this.


  33. To guilty, Ned, Frankie and all of other multiple personalities of the cowardly custard who refuses to use his own name.
    If you consult a lawyer – flick through the White Pages you will find one – lie detector tests are not accepted as evidence in Australia. They are not accepted in many States of America either. So dream on. If they were you would probably do well because studies have shown that experienced liars usually do well on them. That is one reason that they are not used in most places. They are unreliable. This next court case you keep talking about, hopefully it will be when you are charged with perjury. A lawyer at the trial explained what perjury was. Remember????


    • custard, so silly of you, well JO is a experienced liar isnt she, and the only one who used perjury was JO, again why wherent the men involved allowed in court and by the way i am a female, so keep quessing, jo knows me well and so does jackie and wendy.


  34. Joe do you know who any of your teachers are married to? When these crimes took place she was not a Greensill she was a sumpton. Explain to us all the chances of former students knowing who she was married too. And maybe some of her family need to keep an open mind, is there a reason some of the males stopped smiling in photos? Hands up who has ever slept at a teachers house? or would you let your kids? if not why not?If this did not take place and the kids are liars why a Royal Commision into it?


  35. Wendy are you choosing your mum over your children? Your own words you wonder why the smiles stopped in photos? i would say her victims famalies asked themself the same question. Well it will be heard again at the Royal Commision. Why did you call your brother the black sheep of the family? How did the victims know the layout of the bedroom? Why would they need to go in there? Why did she take to the stand in court? Was the jury in on this plot also?


    • the only way the victims would know the layout of a teachers bedroom is that they where taken in to it, they raises some questions i would think, ask your children wendy/mary if they know the layout of there teachers bedrooms???????????


      • this question has not been answered yet, i reply to yours so answer this one, how did the men/boyz know what jo’s bedroom looked like?????????????


        • Dear Guilty as,
          Why don’t you just give it a rest? You act so tough yet you will not reveal your real name. Who are you really? Just a scared person behind a computer screen. Leave Jo alone! She is the most strongest person I know. She has been through so much but has done nothing wrong.
          Grow up and just reveal who you are.


  36. with all whats happened and the vicitms name being mentioned and now the sumpton family refusing a lie test and joe not even knowing mrs sumpton in 1979 i think law /police will reopen this case with new evidence/witnesses and at least 50% being able to be told, jo will find herself in hot water again.


  37. maybe its now a D O C’S issue as to if the children should be taken away from the sumptons for their own safety. It is ashame really how one evil person can have a flow on effect which now brings her daughters children well being into the spotlight just so she can keep the lie going.


  38. Dear Joe Costello, why cant jo answer the question about how her grade 3 students know her bedroom layout? This will not be going away understand that. It will be going to a higher court and the royal commision. Were you in the tent Joe?And they numbers are growing make no mistake about that. I will happily meet you and we can read all the statements not just bits that made it to court.


  39. Whats this that i just heard about other times at a house on Westham cresent in Bayswater. The house of a school fanily that went away and jo stayed their. Maybe Mr Costello needs to ask some hard questions. And the affair with a school dad who was the father of one of her victims. All the dead will be looking down and they know the truth.


  40. 2 courts also found her guilty. I feel sorry for you, being loyal to Vib is fine but this happened way before him. Why would she take boys to her bedroom? would you take young girls? You cant control the Royal commision it will be getting the details of this and then she will be found out and you will be left swinging in the wind and for that i am sorry. The facts are there is others who made statements i really think you need to take a step back and ask some hard questions.


  41. Funny they have all gone back under a rock. Well read the transcript it does not say she is innocent. And the money awarded is a civil case so still stands. Maybe its time Mary tries to do the half decent thing and pay up. We all know she just paid a good mouth piece and they timed it well. She did it, she knows it, the boys knew to much. How would they know jo sumpton was now jo greensill? Why would they know the layout of her bedroom? some basic questions that she wont answer.


      • the bedroom question will never get answered and why wait 2 years to go to court again, jo had 6 months to contest it and she didnt, a good mouth piece pays off as we can see


    • Oh this is an easy one to answer. They knew she was Greensill because 1 works for Metro and found out that Jo had recieved a payout from the loss of her husband in the train crash.
      If you did actually read what was before the acquital judges as the proof the boys lied you would be apologising to Jo for the abuse you have caused her. They claim in some things to vaginal penetration and ejaculation, It is a proven fact that boys of 8 cannot commit these acts. They colluded before hand. The transcript states ‘The Court of Appeal judges said on Thursday the guilty verdicts against Josephine Greensill were “unsafe and unsatisfactory [and] cannot be permitted to stand”.
      In full written reasons after their decision that resulted in Ms Greensill’s immediate release, they said there was “substantial concern” about the reliability of the evidence of her two accusers.
      Yeah those poor boys. What a crock.


  42. happy birthday Jo. Funny its the same as black saturday. Question for you and wendy, if one victim first reported this in 1995 and Vic was alive how was it a money grab plot? and after checking nowhere in Vics death notices does it mention the name sumpton? how was it all put together then? amazing would you not agree.


    • mary you have it all wrong, a 8 year old boy can have an errection and also produce semen, you are hanging on a thread with all this, jo played with the boys as first proved in the trial and also again the bedroom question has never been denied by any of you as to how they knew the layout of her bedrrom.


  43. I see Jo has been exonerated by a panel of judges. Now all the hate-filled moronic lynch-mob mentality half-wits will have to find someone else to vent on.
    I suggest you all read the posts on here and if you have a semblence of a brain, which I doubt, perhaps you may actually think before you hate.


    • l agree this post should be removed and all the comments with it. l cannot understand how this has not been followed up by the police and the men in question not charged with giving false claims, sadly a tragic case of 2 very mentally unstable men.


  44. I guess that poor teacher shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for an apology from each and every abuser who dealt it out to her on this blog site, eh ? What an absolute travesty of justice – see http://www.betterconsult.com.au/blog/the-latest-miscarriage-of-justice-case-josephine-greensill/ and the wrong conviction database record at http://forejustice.org/db/Greensill–Josephine-Mary-.html – you can read for yourselves how 2 unidentified scumbags perjured themselves for potential monetary gain at the cost of her freedom.

    And now our charming Vic Gov’t is denying her compensation for the hundreds of thousands her family spent defending her, not to mention her 2.3 years incarceration. What a disgrace.

    To all those who castigated and vilified her, what a bunch of loony losers you are. the least you can do is publicly withdraw your vicious diatribes against an innocent person.


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