Macchour Chaouk’s daughter NAMES Killer

THE wife of slain crime figure Macchour Chaouk would have died with her husband if their young grandson had not been in the line of fire.

Chaouk’s only daughter, who did not wish to me named, told the Herald Sun her father’s murderer attempted to kill her mother, too.

“He pointed the gun at her,” she said. “He didn’t fire because the baby was in the middle.”

The 65-year-old was killed in front of his wife and one-year-old grandson in the backyard of his Brooklyn property last Friday, sparking fears there would be another gangland war.

Hundreds of mourners are expected to farewell Chaouk at his funeral at Preston mosque on Monday.

Chaouk’s daughter sent a chilling message to a rival family suspected of her father’s murder.

“F— ’em all man, They’re all gone,” she said. “Didn’t they say an eye for an eye? So f— ’em an eye for an eye too. Same s—.”

She then goes on to say this, which I think is remarkable, she claims her father NAMED THE KILLER BEFORE HE DIED

Chaouk’s daughter said her father identified Haddara patriarch Ahmad Haddara as his shooter.

“My dad didn’t die straight away. He told my mother and my mother saw him, the guy – Ahmad Haddara – that shot my father.”

Mr Haddara, who was questioned by police over Friday’s murder and later released, refused to comment on Sunday.

But a man named Steve, who was with Mr Haddara when approached by the Herald Sun, claimed the family knew nothing about Mr Chaouk’s murder.

“It’s got nothing to do with us,” he said.

Steve said the family was coping well despite recent events.

“It’s all good. We’re OK. We’re very happy,” he said.

But the family’s peace could be short lived.

“He’s (Mr Haddara) not going to be there forever, is he?” Chaouk’s daughter said.

One thought on “Macchour Chaouk’s daughter NAMES Killer

  1. How incredible is this claim? If this does not get the feuding juices going I don’t know what will, stand by for some fireworks, its not far from my place might even go do a stake out with the video camera… Cheers


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