Government Crackdown on organised crime

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Time will tell, but I mean a crackdown? Does that mean they have just let it slide in the past? I would suggest that most of the corrupt coppers and politicians have all but been weeded out and there is no where to hide for the Government about doing something about these groups. Organised crime has been around forever, the only thing that changes is how much protection they get, NO MATTER where they are based…

Hells Angels bikies farewell slain crime figure Macchour Chaouk in an ominous display of support yesterday

DEPUTY Commissioner Ken Jones has called on the State Government to beef up laws to combat organised crime.

It comes a day after Hells Angels bikies farewelled slain crime figure Macchour Chaouk in an ominous display of support.

Sir Ken said police and the government had spoken about changes to the law.

“I’m talking about some adjustments to law that will allow us to confront and contest organised crime,” Sir Ken told 3AW.

“If that’s represented by bikie gangs it’ll be used against them.

“We do need to talk about fortification. We need to talk about assets but, by and large, we’re in the right place.”

The State Opposition has already proposed to dismantle and sell bikie clubhouses in a crackdown on criminal gangs.

The move would allow police to close down the fortified clubhouses of gangs engaged in illegal activity and sell the properties, with money being returned to the state’s coffers.

The proposed new anti-fortification laws, based on similar legislation in the Northern Territory, could jeopardise the clubs’ ownership of property valued at millions of dollars.

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