LINDY Chamberlain on the 30th anniversary of Azaria’s death

LINDY Chamberlain has called for daughter Azaria’s death certificate to show she was killed by a dingo in an impassioned plea on the 30th anniversary of her disappearance.

Azaria died on a camping trip near Uluru on this day in 1980.

The cause of her death, which still intrigues and haunts the Australian public, has officially been left open.

Ms Chamberlain was found guilty of murder in 1982 but the conviction was quashed after she served three years in prison.

Unseen Photos from the trial

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“Our family will always remember today as the day truth was dragged in the dirt and trampled upon,” Ms Chamberlain said.

“But more than that it is the day our family was torn apart forever because we lost our beautiful little Azaria.”

Ms Chamberlain wants Azaria’s death certificate changed, following recommendations from the Royal Commission and the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

“She deserves justice,” she said.

“In light of all the evidence before the Commission, this should be reflected on her death certificate and not the open finding that is there now.”

“It is not like the eyewitnesses are dead or that there was not a recommendation from the Royal Commission and the NT Supreme Court who quashed our convictions.”

“It would not take more taxpayers money to do it. These courts were exhaustive, why not adopt their recommendations and stop wasting everyones time, money and intelligence?

“Lindy or a dingo was the NT claim.

“Their own Commission proved it was not me, as I had told them all along, so why don’t they accept their own claim now? It makes one wonder are they really after the truth, or just too stubborn or proud to admit that a mistake has been made.

She said she will never forget the day her “darling baby” was taken from the family’s tent.

She forgives everyone involved in “creating the fiasco of the last thirty years and the public so willing to believe the worst and spread nasty rumours.”

But also calls on Australians to stop allowing themselves to be duped.

“We used to be a proud nation who saw through corruption and were willing to give a fair go. How many times do you have to be hoodwinked and led along by the nose before you demand something better from our courts, police force, politicians and media?”

She also alludes to a cover-up by “corrupt” people, which libel laws prevent her from discussing.

“Unfortunately the way the law stands now I cannot tell you of any internal deals, deliberate lies, affairs or favours that I may know of that may make what happened in my case a lot clearer.

The accuracy of reporting in the lead up to the anniversary of Azaria’s death and what she describes as “stupid lies and innuendoes” also weighs on her mind.

She strenuously denies reports that she “hit on the policemen” who raided the family, saying “they wish!”

She said other facts were buried, like that police told the parents to stay near the tent we had both searched.

“By belittling and burying it on the one hand and on the other use it as the excuse to say we sneaked away to bury Azarias’ body, in the end was so successful that even the jury came to believe we didn’t search, despite testimony To the contrary.”

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