Schapelle Corby and Renae Lawrence get sentence cuts

AUSTRALIAN drug traffickers Schapelle Corby and Renae Lawrence have both received sentence cuts as part of Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations.

The head of Bali’s Kerobokan Prison, Siswanto, said today the Australian prisoners received the five-month remissions for good behaviour.

“Renae and Corby got five months’ remission. I just got the letter from the justice ministry this morning,” Mr Siswanto said.

“They received their remission because they have been behaving well so far.”

Both Corby and Lawrence are serving 20-year sentences, but Corby has now received 17 months’ remission in total, while Lawrence has had 23 months and 15 days shaved off her sentence.

When asked about Corby’s chances of receiving clemency, Mr Siswanto said it was still under consideration.

“The clemency is still under process. I haven’t had the confirmation,” he said.

“Clemency would only be given to convicted who are permanently sick, geriatric and children. That would be the priority for clemency.”

Supreme court officials last month confirmed a judge had considered Corby’s plea for presidential clemency and written a recommendation on her case to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Corby’s family renewed its fight to have the convicted drug smuggler returned to Australia last year after a psychiatrist warned she would not survive her sentence if she remained in Kerobokan Prison.

Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips, the former president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, visited Corby in prison last August and said she was “hanging on by a thread”.

However, Mr Siswanto said today that Corby must be examined by an official government doctor.

“The doctor who examined the convicted must be an official government doctor, not outside doctor who just came to visit,” he said.

Corby did not attend the Independence Day ceremony at the prison today, but Lawrence did – and was part of the choir.

Indonesia traditionally cuts jail terms on independence day and some religious holidays for well-behaved prisoners who have served at least six months, and are not sentenced to life in prison or death.

Corby, 33, was sentenced to 20 years’ jail after she was caught at Bali’s airport in October 2004 with 4.1kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag.

Lawrence was sentenced to 20 years’ jail for her role in the failed Bali Nine plot to smuggle more than eight kilograms of heroin from Bali to Australia in 2005.

The many facets of Schapelle Corby

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3 thoughts on “Schapelle Corby and Renae Lawrence get sentence cuts

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  2. I respect that,any amount of days cut would be a big blessing.But this is a far cry ,compared to the very long sentences that they are serving .A life behind bars equals no life for me.If some one would take Schapelles story as an example ,be dicouraged to ever get involved in a similar crime,even if that was just one person it would be great.Freedom versus confinement, i know what i would choose.


  3. I am sure it would.Every day you will not be spending in jail is a blessing. I still reckon there is more to come in this,there is no way on earth she will be there the whole sentence.She and her family will ultimately buy her freedom like many other foreigners have done.

    Whether through bogus medical pardon or royal pardon it is going to cost big money.That’s how the system works. I personally think she is probably the most well “Treated” prisoner in that place


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