UPDATE:Macchour Chaouk’s killing-Ali Chaouk makes statement

Ali Chaouk

Ali Chaouk reading statement on behalf of the family at Funeral

UPDATE 3.50pm: DEPUTY Commissioner Ken Jones has urged people not to act on any desire for revenge in the wake of Macchour Chaouk’s killing.

Speaking after some comments had been made suggesting members of the Chaouk family could take matters into their own hands, Sir Ken said that behaviour would not be tolerated.

“I’m here to warn them and advise them not to take the law into their own hands,” Sir Ken said.

He said police were prepared to take action if such comments were found to constitute criminal offences

Sir Ken also confirmed that Ahmed Haddara remained a person of interest in the case. Mr Haddara was questioned last week and released without charge.

Sir Ken was today asked if his statement was a shot across the bows of those who may seek revenge. “If you want to say that, yes it is.”

MACCHOUR Chaouk’s nephew Ali Chaouk, speaking outside the funeral, and flanked by Macchour’s brother, has attacked the media and police handling of the case while presenting the family’s version of events.

“Macchour Chaouk was gunned down in cold blood at his modest house in Brooklyn and not in his compound as the media said.

“He was killed in his own backyard in front of his three grandchildren, the oldest of them is seven years old.

“He was murdered in front of his wife and daughter-in-law.

“The murderer threatened to kill Macchour’s wife before he ran away.

“We are Macchour’s family and contrary to all media beat-ups, we would like to declare that:

“1. There is gross exaggeration in dealing with this sad event and its coverage. For example using “underworld killing”, “war in the suburbs”, “vicious gun culture”.

“2. We want to strongly believe the Australian justice system and police will secure the rights of the innocent victim and his family in bringing the killer/killers of this terrible crime (sic) to justice.

“We ask the media to respect the right of the family to grieve its big loss and to bear the legal responsibility for any misleading, inaccurate and inflammable (sic) comment on behalf of the family.

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  1. I do not really believe that these families are going to just lay back and let the cops take care of “Business” Do you?

    Revenge is best served cold, or so the saying goes…


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