Mark Swaby jailed after “To Catch a Predator” style sting

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Well we have jailed another dirty pervert in a sting reminiscent of the hit show in USA called To catch a Predator. This scum-bag thought he was chatting to a teen, and organised (and turned up in disguise) to meet her, little did he know he had been chatting to a undercover female police officer.

A MIDDLE-aged man caught chatting up an underage girl in an internet police sting has been jailed for a year.

Mark Swaby, 56, pleaded not guilty to one charge of using a carriage service to procure persons under 16 to engage in or submit to sexual activity, but was found guilty by a County Court jury.

The court heard Swaby, a semi-retired railway worker, went online to engage in a sexual fantasy.

He admitted chatting to the girl – who was actually an undercover police officer – but said he had no intention of having sex with her.

The divorced father arranged to meet the “girl” at the Broadmeadows train station on February 26, 2008, the court was told.

Police saw him arriving at the station wearing a disguise and found alcohol in his car.

Judge Phillip Coish said Swaby’s conduct had been predatory.

The court heard a psychologist found Swaby was not a paedophile, ( what a load of rubbish, he was caught before he had the chance, I’m sure he would of) but diagnosed him with hypersexuality or an excessive interest in sex.

Swaby was prescribed a hormone-based medication which had a similar effect to chemical castration, the court heard.

The former Telstra worker, who has been in custody since May this year, was also depressed and had been moved to the psychiatric unit of the Port Phillip prison while in custody.

Judge Coish took Swaby’s declining mental health and his good prospects of rehabilitation into account when sentencing him to two and half years jail.

Swaby will serve 15 months, including the time already served in custody, before being released on a 15-month good behaviour bond.

He will also be a registered sex offender for eight years.

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