“Never To Be Released” 4 By Paul B Kidd

Never To Be Released 4

Never To Be Released 4

To be sent to jail with papers marked ‘never to be released’ is the ultimate punishment in the Australian judicial system. There is no death penalty. ‘Never to be released’ is reserved for the worst of the worst.

And, except for two cases – which are included in this book – these days ‘never-to-be-released’ means exactly that. The only way out is in a black rubber bag with a zipper up the middle, having died either by misfortune, suicide or old age.
In this, his fourth book in the series, Paul B. Kidd, Australia’s serial killer and ‘never to be released’ authority, includes more cases that are the most evil of the evil, where the perpetrators have been sent to prison without the possibility of parole – ‘never to be released’.

Paul B. Kidd Paul B. Kidd is a broadcaster on 2UE, Sydney, where he co-hosts one of the most popular segments on Australian radio, ‘Crime File’, with George Moore.

Paul is the author of ten books on Australian true crime and is a recognised authority on Australia’s serial killers, major criminal cases and never to be released lifers.

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Celluloid Serial KillersThe Australian Crime FileThe Australian Crime File 2Till Death Do Us Part

3 thoughts on ““Never To Be Released” 4 By Paul B Kidd

  1. Just watched a programme here in Canada about the Birnie’s. My niece was murdered by them in the late 80’s, though she was not mentioned by name, would she have been one of the four? I remember a young teenage girl being found, who was made to write letters home and another lady who had gone away for the weekend as a break and she never returned. I was over there for my niece’s funeral.


  2. Paul Kidd Esq. Sir, Well you’ve done the ‘never to be released’ criminals to death (‘cuse the pun) with four books … time to turn your attention to a less morbid sphere of crime in the annals of Australian history .. our colorful bank robbers. From Ned Kelly on up until the end of the twentieth century Australia has produced somebrazen if eccentric and unusual bank robbers whose exploits could be catalogued into an interesting volume or two.to swell the coffers of the Kidd finances.


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