Matthew Newton stuffs up again, Rachael Taylor applies for AVO

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Well the bloke didn’t take long to stuff up again after all the rehab and new promises. His latest girlfriend has also had enough and applied for and AVO against the actor. It is now obvious to all Matthew, the son of Australian TV Royalty, in Bert and Pattie Newton has big problems with the grog, drugs, anger issues, self control and who knows what else. He has been protected by his famous parents as much as anyone could do and he can hide no longer. We all have problems but for Newton, he seems to TAKE HIS FRUSTRATIONS OUT ON WOMEN. Not the most manly pin-up boy for the Australian film and TV scene is it…

Matthew Newton stuffs up again, Rachael Taylor applies for AVO

UPDATE 3.05pm: MATTHEW Newton’s former girlfriend Rachael Taylor has applied for an apprehended violence order against the Channel 7 star, alleging she was the victim of “two unprovoked violent assaults”.

The actress says she fears “for her personal safety, well being and security following events – both in Australia and while on a recent holiday in Rome, Italy.”

Ms Taylor alleges: “This action follows a series of gravely serious incidents, including and not limited to two unprovoked violent assaults, which (she claims) occurred on the 13th and 14th August, 2010, while Ms Taylor was in Rome.”

Sources claim police were called to the scene, but no charges were laid.

Taylor’s manager says the actress is receiving medical treatment and is considering further legal options, beyond the AVO.

“I thank my family and friends for their ongoing support through what is an extremely disturbing, distressing and difficult time,” she said.

Last night, Seven confirmed Newton was back in rehab and would be replaced as the host of The X-Factor.

When asked how her brother was, Matthew’s sister Lauren Newton told media gathered outside the family’s East Hawthorn home this afternoon: “Going well thanks”.

Taylor said in a statement released today: “After much consideration and struggle I have made this personal decision to send a clear public message that violence, threats, abuse and intimidation are not acceptable and should be dealt with by the full capacity of the law.”

Taylor has instructed her Sydney-based barrister Christine Nash to represent her during this and any related court appearances.

The couple had been on a private holiday in Rome, while Taylor was on a break from filming thriller The Darkest Hour in Moscow.

He was en route to filming segments in Dublin for Seven’s The X-Factor but was escorted home “to the care of his family” by a producer.

She is expected to return to work later this week and has stated she will not be talking further with media on the personal matter.

Last night Channel 7 denied knowledge of the physical clash between their signing and his former girlfriend.

He has returned to a rehabilitation clinic, withdrawing from his TV host duties “on medical advice”.

Newton’s manager, Titus Day of 6 Degrees Management, confirmed he has terminated their working relationship.

In a statement, Day said: “Degrees is no longer representing Matthew in a management capacity. We are not prepared to comment further other than to say that Matthew is a wonderful talent and we wish him well at this time and for the future.”

Newton’s acting representation remains the responsibility of Robyn Gardiner Management.

Newton had been on holiday with the Transformers star last Sunday before he was expected to film segments with X Factor mentor Ronan Keating in the Irish singer’s home town.

A FremantleMedia source said “on arrival in Dublin it was decided that Matthew needed to return to Australia to the care of his family”.

A Seven spokeswoman said: “Matthew had a strong commitment to the program and has tried his utmost to make it work. He has the support of his family and friends as he works his way back to full health.”

The hosting role on Seven’s marquee talent search show was regarded as Newton’s second chance to overcome his personal demons. His public image has taken a battering since 2006, when he was charged with intimidating and assaulting his then-girlfriend, actress Brooke Satchwell.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of common assault but the conviction was then quashed a year later.

Last year, he agreed to pay $9000 in damages to a Kings Cross hotel room booked in Taylor’s name.

No police charges were laid and he denied being responsible for the damage.

In March, he was ejected from a Melbourne hotel after staff discovered $4000 worth of damage to the room and bathroom during his three-week stay. Newton said the room was “fine” when he checked out.

Last month, he told Seven’s sister publication New Idea he was a “work in progress” and had sought treatment “in the hope of becoming a happier, better person”.

“It was a slow realisation that there were things in my life I could do better,” he said.

“One of the things I learnt was that I am just like everyone else – I am flawed.”

During an interview published in Who magazine this month, Taylor was described as one of his “constants”.

She stood by him during his stint in rehab. Each other’s initials are tattooed on their wrists.

Newton described Taylor as “a wonderful, fantastic woman – we want the best for each other. We talk about everything. We’re partners, so it’s love, life, work and where we’re going to spend Christmas”.

The latest controversy is a disaster for Seven’s The X-Factor, which is due to make its multi-million dollar debut next Monday night. The network is yet to decide how it will deal with pre-recorded footage of Newton.

Daniel MacPherson and Grant Denyer are the frontrunners to take over as host after Newton’s shock exit.

Who do you think should replace Matthew Newton as the host of X Factor? Tell us below

The network has to find a replacement host quickly – something that isn’t easy given the sheer scale of the show.

The X Factor will quickly feature massive live shows set for Sunday and Monday nights.

Not many Australian TV personalities have the skills to slot into hosting such a huge production at short notice.

MacPherson, who hosted the first edition of The X Factor on Ten and will finish hosting Dancing with the Stars this Sunday, is an obvious prospect.

Denyer, who has hosted Australia’s Got Talent this year, is another contender.

Both could slip relatively easily into the hosting role.

Other stars that originally auditioned for the X-Factor hosting gig include Sonia Kruger and Axel Whitehead. Whitehead’s commitments to Home and Away would appear to rule him out.

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