What happened Keli Lane? Did you kill Tegan, your baby?

This story is so intriguing I really do not know where to start actually. To put it briefly this wannabe polo champion had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve in the run-up to the Sydney Olympics.

Keli Lane attending court, accused of murdering her child

Keli Lane, was an elite athlete, she enjoyed a busy social life and was determined to represent Australia when women’s water polo was contested as an Olympic event for the first time in 2000.

Raising a child had no part in that plan, so when Ms Lane became pregnant five times between 1992 and 1999, she allegedly resolved to avoid the responsibility. Her first two pregnancies were terminated. Two babies were secretly carried to term and adopted out, in 1995 and 1999. Her fourth pregnancy was also hidden from her family, friends and boyfriend. The little girl, born at Auburn Hospital on September 12, 1996, was named Tegan. Ms Lane is now accused of her murder.

Crown Prosecutor, Mark Tedeschi, QC, said Ms Lane was a young woman with an active social life and sex life – and an ”overriding ambition to represent Australia”.

”A child was not part of this picture,” he said. She did not want ”to be saddled with the responsibility of having a child” and had sought ”a permanent solution to all these five pregnancies”.

On September 14, 1996, four or five hours after leaving Auburn Hospital, Ms Lane attended a wedding with her then boyfriend. It is alleged Tegan was murdered in the hours between her discharge and the wedding.

Because the trial is into its second week I am going to continue following the trial and report on it as well as gather more info and delve into the “Real Story”

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5 thoughts on “What happened Keli Lane? Did you kill Tegan, your baby?

  1. i don’t believe that she killed her child. if she bothered to adopt out babies 1 and three then why not 2? why be upset and tender towards babies one and three and so callous towards baby two?
    Further although you cannot fax copy an australian birth certificate you can scan and manipulate it and then print. it will not have the water mark.
    There are so many people in Australia who are entitled to second and sometimes third citizenships due to parents and grandparents place of birth. A manipulated birth certificate may not pass muster with Australian authorities but I wonder whether foreign legations would be as vigilant when given one. As long as the foreign birth certificate is accurate and genuine.
    The police certainly did a lot of searching. They cross referenced about 100,000 girls born about the time of Tegan. They found a lot of Andrew Norris but there were two unaccounted for. I wonder why the police did not bother to check emigration records for those two andrew Norris?


  2. Hi Susan, welcome and thanks for commenting. You raised some excellent points although It is almost like you are suggesting something shifty without actually saying it.

    I would like to hear the simple explanation of why was she so desperate to get the baby out, she sought a enforced caesarean 3 times at 2 hospitals in the preceding days, was the wedding she was keen to get to that good? And where is here baby, or more accurately, where did she go from the time of leaving hospital and the wedding?


  3. I think Susan is naive. Many women kill their newborns due to it being inconvenient. And stupidly, they don’t bother using contraception. This woman Keli AND the police would be able to find this guy and Tegan’s whereabouts, if the story were true. The only reason why Keli mentioned the adoptions etc, is because the police were investigating her.


  4. I knew Keli at the time of her third pregnancy and the whole story is so unbelievable to me -I can’t believe she was pregnant I know why everyone was fooled–she seemed so normal to me -that scares me bigtime. I had hoped she had sold the child. But she has not revealed that I assume she must have killed tegan-maybe she left it in the boot of her car or something


  5. I don’t think so Susan. You seem to be coming up with all sorts of explanations for Keli Lane. Maybe you consider that you are in denial. Unfortunately in this world, people kill other people, including babies. What bloke to you know of, who would take full custody of a 2 DAY OLD baby, after a brief affair??? I don’t think so.


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