Macchour Chaouk’s sons have been hit with new weapons charges-Ali and Matwali Chaouk

My Say

The saga continues with this “Model” family…I mean everyone has 34 blank passports hidden in there house! You just never know when a good deal in Bali is going to pop up.Or when someone is going to come and shoot your father, a convicted criminal, dead in his own backyard.So you need heaps of guns, semi automatic rifles and ammo just to cover all the bases…

Ali, 30, and Matwali, 26, fronted the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today via video link and have been charged over a stash of guns, ammunition and stolen passports found at the family’s Brooklyn property during a raid last month.

Their father was shot dead in the back yard of the property two weeks ago.

Omar Chaouk mocks photographers as he is driven from Barwon prison.

Their younger brother Omar, 19, is also charged over the same weapons and the 34 blank Australian passports.

Police raided the Geelong Rd home and allegedly found two loaded guns and blank passports hidden in a wall and a woodpile.

At Omar Chaouk’s bail hearing the court was told he claimed ownership of the items found. “That stuff is all mine. It’s for my protection,” he allegedly said.

But a week later a court was told his brother Matwali had provided police with a statement “in his own words” that he was the only one who knew where the guns had been concealed.

Brothers Ali and Matwali Chaouk in court in 2005

Ali and Matwali Chaouk today faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court via a video link from Barwon prison and were remanded to appear again next month.

They each face 11 charges including possessing unregistered firearms and cartridges, possessing a .357 Magnum revolver and pump-action shotgun, and dealing with proceeds of crime and possessing travel documents not issued to them.

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