Ben Cousins-2nd Night Documentary

Bryan Cousins (pictured) says his son will make the most of the second chance handed to him by the Tigers (2008)

Hi guys, well this comment is from a purely personal viewpoint rather than a news point. I actually found out a lot more about Ben Cousins tonight than I diod last night. Having said that I could even further that by saying I learnt much more than what I did by reading all the media gravy train of bullshit over the period as they all tried to sell newspapers. Seriously, was there a time when newspaper execs cared about Ben Cousins? Honestly, I guess they are all about selling newspapers.

What I did learn tonight was Ben had a family that actually gave a fuck about him. So many addicted kids are written off by their families and that is for a number of reasons. But I think the ones that cling on and show love and support have a much better chance of connecting and thus helping their loved one.

(stay tuned tomorrow as I update and have a lot more to say about this story…Especially Bryan, his dad…a Man of granite turned to pulp over trying to deal with his beloved son.)

BEN Cousins’ father feared his son would die at the peak of his drug addiction.

Part two of the documentary revealed Cousins’ drug abuse was so bad he almost came to blows with his father, who was so worried about his son he went with him to get drugs.

The revelations follow calls from the West Australian police commissioner for Ben Cousins to name and shame his drug dealers if he is truly remorseful. The comments from Karl O’Callaghan came amid the furore over the Brownlow medallist’s controversial doco, Such Is Life.

2 thoughts on “Ben Cousins-2nd Night Documentary

  1. Was a real insight, only saw tonight’s episode, so I need to watch yesterdays but seriously this guy, what he went through, and managed to play elite football? Its mind boggling


  2. Hi mad man, what did you think of the second night? Ben has had everything at his feet all his life obviously so to see him struggle with it is good for him long term.To show that not everything in life will always come so easily. Drugs or no drugs, he has so much Charisma he is never going to be short of a dollar. Get a job in any field he likes I would say!


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