Carl Williams was killed almost instantly-Autopsy

Police Interview with Carl

JAILED underworld kingpin Carl Williams was killed almost instantly with extreme violence and lay dead for almost half an hour before prison guards even knew anything had happened, his autopsy report claims.

The Herald Sun can today for the first time detail the last moments of the drug kingpin and killer’s life.

Sensitive autopsy documents seen by the Herald Sun reveal the official cause of Williams’ death is “head injury” caused by “blunt force trauma“.

The documents also raise concerns about the operation of Williams’ high security Acacia Unit and also show the entire attack was captured on CCTV before a dying Williams was dragged face down into his cell.

The official autopsy report suggests Williams was struck once to the right side of the head from behind while he sat reading the newspaper in the high-security unit’s common area he shared with two other prisoners.

Gangland killer Carl Williams bashed to death in Barwon prison

He then fell to the ground where he was struck up to seven times to the left side of his head.

“He was later dragged, face down by the offender to his cell where he remained for almost 30 minutes before being located by prison guards,” forensic pathologist Melissa Baker wrote in her report.

The violence with which the blows were struck meant Victoria’s high profile prisoner died almost instantly.

“The injuries present are judged to be non-survivable and are likely to have been rapidly fatal,” the autopsy report says.

“In this instance, given the extent of skull fractures present … the overall degree of force is estimated to be extreme. Some of the injuries, particularly the parchment abrasions, may have occurred when he was dragged across the carpeted floor to his cell.”

Carl Williams Under arrest

The weapon allegedly used – the stem from an exercise bike seat – was later found in the unit’s laundry.

Williams died wearing red tracksuit pants, Adidas shoes and Nike socks.

He was also wearing Calvin Klein underwear.

The once portly Williams was in the best condition of his adult life when he died, weighing 87kg and with a body mass index of 26.85 – only slightly above the healthy range for a man of his age.

Toxicology results showed no evidence of drugs or alcohol in his system.

The report also pinpoints historical injuries, including a 4.5cm scar on the left of his chest and another scar on his lower stomach.

The delayed response to Williams’ bashing has raised serious concerns about the operation of the prison.

Williams was supposed to be under constant surveillance and had been quarantined in the unit for his own protection.

The Herald Sun revealed in April prison guards took about 25 minutes to find the fatally injured prisoner in his cell.

Williams was serving a lengthy sentence, but had won concessions from authorities, including having his daughter’s school fees paid by police – a revelation that was published in the Herald Sun on the day of his murder.

There have also been rumours Williams had been given access to prostitutes.

A fellow inmate housed in the Acacia Unit has been charged with Williams’ murder.

There are four separate investigations under way into Williams’ death.

Williams’ father, George, said he did not know whether the inquiries were dragging on because he was not sure how long such investigations were meant to take.

“I can’t say it’s been a long time. I can’t say it’s been a short time. As long as they do it and get it right,” he said.

There were no underlying health issues, and Williams was in good health with no signs of disease in his heart, kidneys or bladder.

However, he also had fractured ribs at the time of death – injuries caused by attempts to revive him. The autopsy showed Williams received extensive damage to his eye, nose and mouth.

Police also took forensic samples from Williams after his death.

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