Paul Hogan, Our Hoges, owes 150 million in tax? What the hell?

Paul Hogan owes 150 million in tax says ATO

ACTOR Paul Hogan has failed to overturn a travel ban served on him by the taxman.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) served the departure prohibition order on the Crocodile Dundee star a week ago over an ongoing row about an alleged multi-million unpaid tax bill.

Hogan’s lawyer Andrew Robinson met with the ATO this afternoon to try to reach an agreement that would allow him to return to his Los Angeles home.

“Unfortunately a resolution wasn’t reached that would allow Paul to depart the country,” Mr Robinson told Channel 9.

“He will be very disappointed when I get hold of him to let him know.”

Channel 7 reported more talks could take place over the weekend.

The order was served on Hogan when he returned to Australia to attend his mother’s funeral last week. Some media outlets have reported the tax bill is more than $150 million.

“The amount is less than that but it’s an amount that’s very significant and is more than Paul has the ability to meet,” Mr Robinson said.

Hogan, 70, who lives in the United States with his wife Linda Kozlowski and their son Chance, has been embroiled in a row with the ATO for the past five years.

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