HAWTHORN footballer Travis Tuck overdoses (son of Michael Tuck)

Son of Hawthrorn legend, Micahel Tuck, Travis Tuck overdoses

My Say Travis Tuck, why mate? Why are all these drug stories about AFL players, past and present popping up? Because of Ben Cousins Documentary? Well if your naive you will believe that.Maybe more so because it is a epidemic of society and footballers are part of our society.They just have heaps more money than most people… The only difference is they probably do not have to steal to buy it for their addiction, they are paid plenty compared to the young peers they hang around….sad but a true reality

Tuck – the son of Hawk legend Michael Tuck – was found by patrolling police in Berwick, at about midnight last Friday.

He was slumped in a vehicle parked in Lyall Rd.

Alarmed officers immediately called for an ambulance to help the stricken Tuck.

By the time paramedics arrived, he had regained consciousness and was taken to hospital.

A small glass jar containing a clear liquid was found.

Drug paraphernalia, including a pipe, was also located in the car.

Police said he would not be pursued over the incident.

Hawthorn would not confirm the identity of the player but did release a statement from chief executive Stuart Fox.

”The player was discharged from hospital into the care of his family following an incident in the early hours of Saturday morning,” he said.

“The Club and the players family will continue to support the player to ensure his personal health and welfare is secured.

“The Club has notified the AFL of the incident and will keep them fully informed if any more information comes to light.”

One thought on “HAWTHORN footballer Travis Tuck overdoses (son of Michael Tuck)

  1. Three strikes and your out son, Under the AFL anti drug rules, you are exposed after the 3 strike rule. The pressure on this kid to live up to his dads famous name, the great Hawthorn champion and games record holder. He has only played a handful on senior games since he debuted in 2008.

    Interesting the police have said they will not be laying charges


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