Belanglo State Forest, Did Ivan Milat commit 8 murders?

My say Everyone remembers Ivan Milat, the serial killer found guilty of killing all those backpackers in the Belanglo State Forest? Well that forest was combed inch by inch back in the early 1990’s as part of that investigation which uncovered nine bodies. Now all these years later a skeleton has been discovered…Is it another victim of Ivan Milat’s? Or could it be  those of millionaire housewife Kerry Whelan, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1997 by family friend Bruce Burrell, but whose body had never been found.

Be careful, yeah you might ge murdered in there...

The discovery of an almost intact skeleton on Sunday has sparked a frenzy of theories.

Given the remains were located in the notorious killing fields of Ivan Milat, police are not ruling out the possibility of another backpacker murder victim.

And as they wait for forensic experts to attempt to put a name to the bones, the families of up to 15 NSW women who vanished over the past three decades are wondering if the fate of their loved one will be revealed.

A trail bike rider discovered the skull, spine, pelvis and at least one femur lodged under a log in dense bush on Sunday close to an area known as Dalys Waterhole.

Police said the skeleton, and a clump of long hair lying next to it, was found in a section of the forest not previously searched as part of the backpacker murder investigation.

The exact site where the remains were found is outside the area combed by police when the bodies of Milat’s seven young victims from England, Germany and Australia were found in 1992 and 1993.

Like Milat’s victims, the remains were found beside a large fallen tree a short distance from a fire trail. The body may have been exposed by hazard reduction burning.

The trail bike rider said he knew it was a human skeleton the minute he saw it.The skeleton was found about 2km from where the bodies of Milat’s other victims were found.

The skeleton will today be given a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death and how long it had been in the bush.

Ivan Milat, serial killer, A crazy man from a crazy family

Milat is currently serving seven life terms for the murders.

It has long been suspected Milat may have been involved in several other killings and there is evidence to suggest he didn’t act alone in the Backpacker Murders.


3 thoughts on “Belanglo State Forest, Did Ivan Milat commit 8 murders?

  1. Ivan isn’t real smart; I was in the Remand Centre with him through his trial. He isn’t as dumb as one of the chiefs on his original case seams to think. He believes Ivan put all his bodies in one place and wouldn’t have been smart enough to put them anywhere else. I don’t know how they come up with that theory. Ivan has hinted there may be more. He’s a guilty critter. He was signing the back of a group photos in the wing one day for a young hero, with the text reading, from the only innocent prisoner in the system and giggled with his silly smirk that he cant seam to wipe of his face. Dont think for one second that i’m glorifying gaol as thats where you go when your a dumb prick.


  2. I am certain that Ivan Milat isn’t the one who killed all them people. Almost got nabbed by the real ones back in 97 or 98 in hornsby. 2 guys not one. One of the guys was older than the other. They spotted me walking through the train station around 2am and I played cat and mouse with them until they started on their third loop of the block at which time I bolted to the servo. Just beat them there and made it inside. The younger guy followed me inside the servo to grab me.


  3. I have read lots of books on Millat and his mad family and I think he was not the only one who was present at the murders. I believe one of his brothers was involved too. How could one man control 2 people at the same time and stop one of them escaping while he dealt with the other victim? I know he tied them up and he had more than one gun but he could not have held both victims at the same time. The victims were killed in simular ways but not all quite the same. Killers often kill the same way every time. Anja had her head cut off! It has never been found. They were not all killed by shooting, some strangled, some stabbed. I guess we will never know.


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