Hawthorn’s Travis Tuck-3 Strikes you’re OUT update

Just an Update

Three strikes and your out son, Under the AFL anti drug rules, you are exposed after the 3 strike rule. The pressure on this kid to live up to his dads famous name, the great Hawthorn champion and games record holder. He has only played a handful on senior games since he debuted in 2008. Interesting the police have said they will not be laying charges

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THE AFL tribunal is deciding a penalty for Hawthorn’s Travis Tuck, the first AFL player to register a third positive drugs test.

Tuck, 23, was found unconscious in a car at midnight last Friday and treated by paramedics for a suspected drug overdose.

The incident constituted a third strike under the AFL’s illicit drugs policy, which orders counselling for players after a first and second positive test.

A further update at 10.58 is he has been given 12 weeks and a big fine that will be suspended.It has come out that Tuck has been treated for severe depression and isĀ  under the care of a doctor for over 10 months …He faced a penalty of up to 18 matches

The tribunal started its deliberations at 7pm. (still going as I type this 10.45pm)

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