Ian Samuel James McConkey, 3 years for killing Buddhist monk

My Say This has got to be one of the worst sentences I have ever seen for the killing of another man in a totally unprovoked attack. I tell you what Australia, if you ever want to kill someone here, just make sure you are on drugs and alcohol and you are guaranteed a light sentence, this is an outrage

Bibra Lake bash victim Buu Lieu

A 38 year-old Perth man will spend at least three years and four months behind bars for what has been described as the unprovoked and savage bashing of a Buddhist monk.

Ian Samuel James McConkey pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing 48 year-old Buu Lieu who died in hospital two weeks after he was bashed in a car park in Bibra Lake in January.

The Supreme Court was told McConkey could not provide an explanation for what he had done other than he was under the influence of alcohol and amphetamines which put him into a rage.

McConkey was sentenced to five years and four months jail.

He was made eligible for parole and with time already served he could be released in about three years.

One thought on “Ian Samuel James McConkey, 3 years for killing Buddhist monk

  1. This is such an incredible miscarriage of justice. Only in Australia. Our justice system is nothing short of pathetic. The bleeding hearts are making us the laughing stock of the world. They would sooner sympathise with the perp than the victim and they are continually having their way.
    The victim here was a man totally dedicated to peace and love. It was a heinous act.
    The killer of William Roe in Geraldton received only 5 years for that terrible act. This is no good to anyone. We have streets full of known criminals when they should be behind bars for life.
    As for drug fuelled violence, none of society insists in anyone taking drugs. It’s illegal and therefore should not be used as a tool for charging criminals with lesser crimes. Anyone making the choice to take drugs which leads to subsequent crimes, in particular the killing of a human being should be held 100% accountable for their actions. Criminal legislation is not keeping the people of this country safe. It’s a complete joke. (Not)


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