Is your car “Speed Certified?” That’s how this AFP copper got off…

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Here is a new way to get out of a speeding fine.When most of us would lose our car under the new  anti-hoon laws, this copper was busted doing 123km in a 80km zone.He was duly given a ticket only to have it withdrawn under pressure from his superiors! Their excuse was his car was not “Speed Certified” Whatever the hell that means I’m sure all us mere mortals are not speed certified either.I wonder what would happen if we tell that to the copper/magistrate next time we get booked. Isn’t that called a precedent?…

A FEDERAL Police superintendent allegedly caught driving more than 40km/h over the limit escaped with just a caution amid claims the officer who issued the fine was pressured to withdraw a speeding ticket, the Herald Sun can reveal.

A decision handed down this week by Fair Work Australia raises allegations that junior officer Richard Curie was pressured to withdraw a speeding ticket he issued to Supt Eric Grimm.

The pressure allegedly came from senior officers, including a sergeant who is reportedly a friend of Supt Grimm.

Supt Grimm was initially fined after he was allegedly caught travelling at 123km/h in an 80km/h zone in the ACT in April 2007.

But the ticket was withdrawn after senior officers intervened and replaced the fine with a traffic caution notice.

The allegations have come to light after Mr Curie complained he had been unfairly sacked after being bullied over unrelated matters and complained to Fair Work Australia.

According to FWA commissioner John Ryan, Mr Curie alleges that Supt Grimm’s speeding fine was withdrawn because the AFP vehicle Mr Curie was driving when he issued the ticket was not “speed certified”.

“Mr Curie asserted in his written submission that his supervisor Sgt Steve Rollings was a friend of Supt Grimm and that Sgt Rollings improperly suggested that Mr Curie not proceed with any action against Supt Grimm,” Mr Ryan said in a decision lodged on Tuesday.

“Mr Curie then reported Sgt Rollings to relevant AFP authorities. On the 16th or 17th April 2007 a second AFP officer, Patrol Sgt Ghirardello, recommended to Mr Curie that it was more appropriate to issue Supt Grimm with a caution given that the vehicle Mr Curie had been driving was not speed certified.

“Subsequently and independently of the above the TIN was withdrawn and a traffic caution notice was issued to Supt Grimm.”

Mr Curie yesterday declined to comment on the matter, but AFP sources said speeding tickets were regularly issued in the ACT by officers using police cars that were not “speed certified”.

Mr Curie’s application to have an extension granted on his unfair dismissal claim was dismissed by FWA commissioner Mr Ryan on Tuesday.

The AFP yesterday said it could not respond to a series of questions about Mr Curie’s claims by deadline.

The AFP also declined to say whether it would support the withdrawal of other fines issued by AFP officers driving cars that were not “speed certified”.

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