Police say we know who murdered Kiesha Abrahams

I wonder who the “Suspect” is. There would not be too many in the pool of suspects for this horrible crime, so I think the parents better enjoy their weekend.It will be a long time before they get a sniff of fresh air outside jail walls for a long long time
Kiesha Abrahams was reported missing five weeks ago. Police believe she has been murdered

  • Police closing in on suspect
  • Kiesha missing for five weeks
  • It has taken time to gather evidence

POLICE are confident they know who is responsible for the disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams and it is only a matter of time before the suspect is arrested.

Five weeks since the six-year-old was reported missing from her home in Mt Druitt, NSW, an exhaustive investigation appears to be close to a result.

Police sources yesterday said they were closing in on the person suspected of murdering the schoolgirl. It is understood police have had to take their time in order to gather supportive evidence.

But a spokesman for Strike Force Jarocin, set up to investigate Kiesha’s disappearance, would not comment yesterday on an imminent arrest.

The news of an impending arrest came as the child’s mother, Kristi Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith, made an application to Housing NSW to be relocated from the priority accommodation they were given days after their child was reported missing on August 1.

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The couple lived in a Housing-owned unit where Kiesha was last seen, but asked to be moved after her disappearance.

They were housed in a motel before being moved to another suburb.

But it is believed the pair requested to be moved to a home closer to Mr Smith’s family in the Mt Druitt area.

But while police may be treating the little girl’s disappearance as a suspected murder, the western Sydney community rallied again last night with a prayer session outside Kiesha’s former home.

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15 thoughts on “Police say we know who murdered Kiesha Abrahams

  1. My bets on Kieasha’s mother & boyfriend, MORE THE BOYFRIEND. Its very clear that the mother & boyfriend know something, I’m an ex con, & a good judge of crims behavour. Why isnt the mum out talking to the media, screaming wheres my baby, help me find my baby. The reason she isn’t is because she knows her daughter is dead though she’s in love with the boyfriend and is putting him before her own daughter as she doesn’t want to loose him to. ANYONE WANT TO PUT A BET ON THIS? ( Dont rule out the biological father)


  2. I think it was the actual mother, as she was the one charged with assault previously on Kiesha, she bit her and as a result Kiesha was hospitalised for 3days!!


  3. I’m with the mum, but with step-dad doing the dirty work after the crime and coming up with the kidnapper scenario. Neither of these two look too bright, they’ve already slipped up badly by talking about Kiesha in the past tense during the early press conferences. The chances that they kept their stories straight when talking to the police are zero IMO. No doubt their interviews last Monday were centred around inconsistencies. Also Kristi, guess what? Since you said Kiesha was with you when you got out of hospital with baby L, that means when you went to the shops, went to the bank, went to centerlink to lodge the forms to get that baby-bonus etc, that she will be with you on the CCT footage right? If she’s not, and assuming the police have had a chance to review them, then you my friend are 100% caught out, and that’s before Rob sells you up the river. Enjoy Mulawa.


  4. Thanks for your thoughts guys
    SydExCon- I reckon your spot on mate.Not sure who actually did it just yet, but those 2 are up to their necks in it.

    The mum is either blindly in love with this dropkick or she it terrified of him(if he did it) but I’m sure the cops would of used that angle on her in interview and offered protection/immunity


  5. Sally you reckon a leopard never changes their spots hey. I think you may be proven right, but with other kids there is next to no chance she could of done this on her own.So either way there is a cover-up with one other or more.
    Thanks for commenting



  6. Good thinking Mrs G Norris! I heard somewhere the average person is filmed up to 10 times a day just going about their business so they will have this couples steps traced pretty much down to the minute. Id say they are all under covert surveillance and further self incriminating as we speak.

    That’s all the cops are doing, just letting them nail in their own demise


  7. Why are the Police covering Keisha’s murder. They moved the parents at their request to a new home at the taxpayers expense. What about the hidden money in their accounts. Why don’t the neighbours give them the same treatment they gave Dennis Ferugson. Let them pay for their own accommodation and cut out their welfare.


  8. It seems the public are wanting closure & for the poor girl to be found rather than the parents. These mourners have been seen on tv weeping more than the actual carers of this child – who were with her everyday & should be a complete mess until she is found. But all you hear is the mother complaining she can’t go to the park or shops with her other kids because people are judging her. As a mother of 5, if 1 of my kids went missing I know I could not resume a normal life until I had my baby back. So going to the park would be completely out of the question. I would not be able to function, a complete and utter mess. I cannot see how this mother could even think of doing these things without knowing where her daughter is. They are up to their necks in it & it’s only a matter of time. You can see their court appearance now. People will be out the front rubbishing them & ready to hurl things at them, but they will be protected by police………..because they have a right to be protected????? Wrong All they have received is protection ever since this little angel disappeared. I hope they get what they deserve. Seems they didn’t even look after her properly even when she was with them.


    • Welcome Belle, you have covered it perfectly in your comments as a mother yourself.This precious little girl was obviously way down their list of priorities way before this happened anyway. The protection too, its all a bit late isn’t it…



  9. ….and who protected Kiesha? Certainly not DoCS. I know they’re overwhelmed and underfunded, but something needs to change if a little girl who was hospitalized for a bite wound, and suffered other indignities the media has said it is unable to report (but has been hinting at for weeks), is returned straight back into the arms of her abusers. I’m sorry, but that’s not OK when the parents have more rights than the child.


    • Hey I was actually agreeing with you. As in I don’t even want to get started on how the system failed the poor little pumpkin Kiesha


    • With all the crap DOCs coped over failing this beautiful angelic little girl they went into overdrive. I’m a victim of domestic violence but even thou he was arrested, charged & jailed DOCs still removed my children. 8 months later & i’m still fighting to see them let alone have them returned.


  10. Are the Police covering up this family because mum is aborigine and they do not want to offend anyone. It always seems to me the Police hate to lay charges against any mother or family member when a child meets a suspicious death they are ready to say tragic accident quick and smart particuarly when children drown in a pool or a bath or killed in a driveway or running across the street or disappearinig at night or a child left in the car while mum goes to work and it dies but always a good excuse she had problems etc and forgot or they dump a new born baby. Overseas these incidents often get gaol terms but in this country no charges ever laid even if it is the second death of a child in the family.


  11. i actually knew the mum and kiesha they lived up the road from me.
    I personally think the step father did it and she is covered up for him BIG TIME!!
    They have been caught out and now the truth will come out that he murdered her.
    They lived in a two bedroom unit with all those kids and a new born baby and not a whole lot of money so i think he got rid of the kid that wasnt his and very sadly it was kiesha :o(
    R.I.P kiesha you where a beautiful little girl


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