Mike Munro, TV presenter and Devils Advocate busted speeding

The reason I’m covering this story is purely to highlight the fact that Mike Monro, who for years has been on telly, with his foot in the door, hijack style reporting of others who have “erred” in the eyes of the law. Will the current affairs shows highlight his discretion on telly tonight or is it a case of protecting your own.He was doing over 80 in a 40 zone…

TV host Mike Munro is banned from driving for three months

TELEVISION presenter Mike Munro has been banned from driving and fined $300 for driving at double the speed limit through Sydney’s Lane Cove Tunnel.

His lawyer told Burwood Local Court the tunnel had a “variable” speed limit but was usually 80km/h.

On November 1 last year he said Munro had a “momentary” lapse of attention and did not realise the limit had been reduced to 40km/h.

But a lawyer for the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) referred to six signs advising of the reduced limit, adding, “If there was a momentary lapse of attention, it has happened on six occasions.”

He also said Munro’s driving record showed it was his third speeding offence since May 2009.

Munro, 57, of Mosman, pleaded guilty today to exceeding the speed limit by over 30km/h when he was clocked at 81km/h.

In convicting Munro, Magistrate Teresa O’Sullivan said she took into account his guilty plea, the circumstances of the offence and a reference written by Father Chris Riley.

She fined him $300, disqualified him from driving for the mandatory minimum period of three months and ordered him to pay costs of $214.

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