Child Killer Derek Percy’s sick rort !!!

There are rorts, and then there are rorts people, and this one has to be the absolute best of them all.Forget about the fat cat politicians and their super, and pensions and gold-class airline tickets.

How about earning a lazy 20 grand, for the last 40 years while sitting in jail as a child killer and possible serial killer. Victoria‘s longest serving criminal in jail is very cosy.Why would he want to leave?  You have to read this story and wonder how many others have been getting away with this little scam over the years. No wonder they don’t work in the jail factory for 5 bucks a week! READ ON…

Deranged child killer Derek Percy has continued to be paid up to $20,000 a year in benefits despite federal authorities promising to end the rort years ago

DERANGED child killer Derek Percy has continued to be paid up to $20,000 a year in benefits despite federal authorities promising to end the rort years ago.

For the past 41 years, Percy – an accused serial killer known as “The Spook” – has been given payments, contributed to by taxpayers and administered by government, because he was in the Royal Australian Navy at the time of his arrest and was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

Percy, who turns 62 next Wednesday and is Victoria’s longest serving prisoner, served less than 20 months in the navy.

But he is believed to have since amassed a small fortune estimated between $220,000 and $300,000 courtesy of money from the federal agency ComSuper.

He has invested his government super – ranging from $5200 a year to now up to $20,000 – into cash deposits, gold investments and even a precious stamp collection.

But pressure is mounting for the funds to be stopped and stripped from the sadistic killer.

Former Victoria Police inspector Tim Attrill is among those demanding the cash cease and assets and accounts accrued by Percy be seized.

Percy, who was jailed in 1969 for the horrific killing of Victorian schoolgirl Yvonne Tuohy, is suspected of involvement in eight other child abductions and murders.

They include the Beaumont children in South Australia and Simon Brook’s slaying in Sydney.

He was an RAN member at the time of the Tuohy killing but because he was not convicted on the basis of being found insane, he was medically discharged from the armed forces in 1970 with payments of 60 per cent of his wage, which is indexed each year.

David Southwell, a veteran who served alongside Percy, said the killer would be receiving 60 per cent of a recruit’s current wage of $34,000 – meaning about $20,000.

But Mr Southwell said Percy’s claimed mental disorder existed before his enlistment in the navy and therefore Percy was not entitled to the medical benefits.

“It should be cancelled immediately – there are plenty of other veterans who have to fight tooth and nail to get anything at all,” he said.

In April 2007, Liberal veterans affairs minister Bruce Billson promised to investigate the payments to Percy. But the Coalition lost power later that year and the money has continued to flow.

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