Did ‘FRIENDLY fire’ kill policeman William Crews?

I thought it a bit strange when I was reading the reports of charges yesterday that neither man had been charged with murder. So in the hail of bullets was this cop killed by one of his own in the mayhem? Either way it was in the line of duty, and these drug dealing gunmen shot first, so I gather they will cope it either way for causing his death.

Still we do not know for sure anyway until tests are carried out, but something tells me the police know the answers to these questions already. To a trained eye the bullets and casings found at the scene and in the body would of quickly identified who shot what…

Did friendly fire kill Policeman William "Bill" Crews?

‘FRIENDLY fire’ cannot be ruled out as a possibility until forensic testing is done on the bullet that killed a police officer in a bungled raid.

Police are keeping an open mind on whether the bullet that killed trainee detective Will Crews came from the gun of a civilian or a police officer, New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says.

The 26-year-old died in a Sydney hospital after he was shot while carrying out a drug operation on Wednesday night with seven other officers from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad in Bankstown, in Sydney’s southwest.

The officers were fired upon outside the targeted property on Cairds Avenue about 9pm and Constable Crews was hit in the head and neck.

A 55-year-old man, Philip Nguyen, has since been charged with shooting with intent to murder and discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Geehad Ghazi, 27, has been charged with possession of an unauthorised firearm.

No-one has been charged with murder, raising speculation as to whether the bullet that killed Constable Crews came from the gun of a civilian or a police officer.

Mr Scipione said it was too soon for police to draw conclusions at this stage.

“We’re still keeping an open mind, certainly the investigation, the critical investigation, continues to seek answers to a raft of questions over the shooting death of Constable Crews,” Mr Scipione told Fairfax Radio this morning.

3 thoughts on “Did ‘FRIENDLY fire’ kill policeman William Crews?

  1. Still no news on who shot the fatal rounds that ultimately killed the policeman, I think the longer it takes, obviously the more “The can of worms” is opening I say. It is not something the police hierarchy are going to want to publicise too highly that they shot one of their own. I mean the 2 druggies had weapons, and then all those cops had weapons. It should be obvious who’s bullets were in the deceased…

    This is a real tragedy either way, I’m yet to find out if we was in full bullet proof gear or not, but I mean he was shot in the neck and it went up into his brain…


  2. Tragic and ‘unecessary’ accident !!!!

    Was the Coroner told of Dave Roberts Past ? I doubt it. This fella ROBERTS was sacked in the 90’s for seriously assaulting a person in custody who was said to be in handcuffs at the time.

    For those who know Roberts the NSW Police should never had put this person in such a position. He was never suited as an investigator nor to obtain the rank of Sergeant. He has a long and well documented history of violence and over use of force. He is known by many as always acting before thinking. He was categorised as a ‘high risk’ aggressive officer.

    An unfortunate avoidable situation. I hope the NSW Police correct their screening procedures.


  3. Hmmm…..had dis incident ended in the arrest of PN immediately after the first shot which only injured Of Crews and that he is still alive today, PN can be charged with assault with deadly weapon or whatever and got 20yrs jail i would not care. But the fact is, tradgically it ened in the death of Of Crews, not by PN bullet, but by the bullet of another officer. PN convicted of manslaughter and got 7yrs as the judge put it he “didn’t fire the shot that killed him, he caused his death”. This i dont agree. Why PN even pleaded guilty to this charge i dont understand.

    Had instead of pulling out a gun and taking the first shot, what if PN took off and made a run for it without carrying any weapon. Running across busy traffic with officers in foot pursuit. What if Of Crews while chasing PN across a road failed to notice an on coming truck and was struck down and killed. Would PN receive the the same charge? If yes, does that mean all officers on duty must disregard their own safety and act without due care when engaged with an alleged offender?

    Just confused……


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