Chaouk payback theory in Melbourne murder


A man is helping police with inquiries.

A WAR between factions linked to an alleged Melbourne Lebanese crime family may have led to the fatal shooting of a man in a western suburbs industrial park.

Two Altona Meadows men, aged 60 and 25, believed to be father and son, were questioned over the shooting about 11am in Techno Park in Williamstown North yesterday.

The 60-year-old was released last night. The 25-year-old was still in police custody pending further inquiries.

The dead man is in his 30s, but his identity is yet to be confirmed. The Herald Sun has been told the victim arrived in a vehicle with a number plate that did not match it.

Police would not say if anyone arrested at gunpoint outside the factory was already under surveillance or if the firearm had been used in a previous shooting.

The scene after a fatal shooting at Techno Park Drive in Williamstown

POLICE are investigating whether a man shot dead in Melbourne’s west today was the victim of a payback murder between the warring Chaouk and Haddara crime families.

A 25-year-old man and a 60-year-old man have been arrested over the shooting death of a man at Techno Park Drive in the Williamstown Industrial Park in Williamstown North about 11am (AEST) on Monday.

Witnesses told police the victim, believed to be in his 30s, had arrived at the self-storage facility when a single shot was fired from a longarm firearm.

Homicide Squad detective John Potter told reporters that police are investigating whether there is connection to the Chaouk-Haddara rivalry.

The patriarch of the Chaouk family, 65-year-old Macchour Chaouk, was gunned down in the backyard of his home in suburban Brooklyn last month.

A member of a rival Lebanese clan, Ahmed Haddara, was taken into custody following Mr Chaouk’s death but was later released.
“It’s no secret that police have concerns about the incident involving Mr Chaouk,” Detective Potter said.

“I am unable to confirm whether this is a payback – I can say that it’s one option that we are looking at.

“We are concerned about the potential for further violence and we just ask people to remain calm and go about their normal business without getting involved in this incident.”

Police say they have recovered a long arm weapon at the scene.

PEOPLES OPINIONS ARE PRETTY CLEAR ON THESE THINGS. let them kill each other…have a read of these newspaper comments…

  • nh jan of Brisbane Posted at 5:12 AM Today

    Here we go again, factions in Victoria who think they’re a law unto themselves. I wonder if the police will let this spiral out of control like they did the last infamous gang wars that plagued Melbourne?

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  • Darren of Lysterfield Posted at 5:34 AM Today

    One wonders what would happen to a family of Aussies intending to setup a crime syndicate in Lebanon. “the lucky country” takes on a whole new meaning when we’re fast becoming the worlds doormat.

    Comment 2 of 11

  • David of Point Cook Posted at 6:34 AM Today

    Can all you scum that live in Altona Meadows just p-ss off from this area? You give all of us hard working decent people a bad name.

    Comment 3 of 11

  • Alec Watson of Hawthorn Posted at 6:49 AM Today

    “A long-arm firearm, such as a rifle or shot gun, was used to shoot the victim.” Big difference between the two a rifle would leave a small entry wound and to kill someone from that would have to hit a vital organ. A shot gun would leave a massive wound depending on how close it was with the victim hemorrhaging so bad his body would go into shock and dye from loss of blood.

    Comment 4 of 11

  • TakeYourShoesOffInMyHouse Posted at 6:55 AM Today

    another good Australian shooting up the place

    Comment 5 of 11

  • Two up Todd Posted at 7:02 AM Today

    Any chance the vic government can put all the scum of Melbourne into the MCG for one night, return in the morning burn the dead and lock up the survivors ?

    Comment 6 of 11

  • Leafy burbs of Melbourne Posted at 7:19 AM Today

    Oh what a nice looking, respectable young man he is. NOT. What a typical bogan westie who’s so tough he can only use weapons. Rid Australia of this scum.

    Comment 7 of 11

  • Hans C of Dandenong Posted at 7:20 AM Today

    Look at these people killing themselves over god knows what it is they want in life.Power,greed and drugs can’t be ruled out.Why isn’t the police doing enough to cull down these murders.One of these days lots of people will just die for no reason if this keep going.Shame on them.

    Comment 8 of 11

  • Jack of the sea Posted at 7:38 AM Today

    What is the big deal? Let these filthy low-life scum kill each other, it will be a blessing for Melbourne.

    Comment 9 of 11

  • Common Sense of Melbourne Posted at 7:44 AM Today

    Multiculturism at work

    Comment 10 of 11

  • Darish Posted at 7:59 AM Today

    Its good living in a tolerant society where peices of crap like these idiots being featured here can walk our society unchallenged. God bless em

    Comment 11 of 11

2 thoughts on “Chaouk payback theory in Melbourne murder

  1. I can see “The Mick Gatto” defence coming into play all over again.This bloke turned up to his own funeral.It was self defence, he rocked up with a piece, was disarmed and shot. Dead men cant tell lies…Or the truth in some cases…


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