Ryan Tandy betting scam deepens-EX star on CCTV putting on big wad of cash

I can tell you a lot of “Sporting Celebrities”, ex players and hangers on will be rethinking their casual stroll into TAB’s around the country a few weeks ago.It has become very obvious that this sting was a lot wider, and more well known before the kick-off than everyone first thought. Am I or aren’t I on CCTV footage” That is the question being asked by many close to the game.It reminds me of the Fine Cotton Ring-in years ago, which ruined many big reputations and lives when it all came out. Nearly every single one of them tried to lie their way out.

But more than 20 years on, the technology is going to leave no doubt as to who was caught up in this scam to rip off the bookies, and the public confidence of the game being played out on its merits. As I have said before, gambling has ruined sport, not just here but world wide.Will it ever recover? I doubt it. Governments are making millions and millions in gambling taxes…Ban the cheats for LIFE

Ryan Tandy, has this man and his scammers ruined rugby league forever? Can we trust the game?

POLICE have obtained CCTV footage of a retired rugby league star placing a massive bet on the round 24 Cowboys-Bulldogs game that is under investigation for a betting sting.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal investigating officers are in possession of images of the former player at a Sydney TAB placing a significant amount on the Cowboys to kick a penalty goal as the first scoring option in the game.

The player cannot be named for legal reasons but spoke to us on several occasions yesterday afternoon to try to have the story withdrawn from the newspaper.

“They’ve probably got footage of 1000 people,” he said.

“So why would you just want to name me?

“I put a bet on but it was for someone else and I’ve got nothing to do with any sting or any scandal.

“Are you trying to say I’m not allowed to go into a TAB to have a bet? I don’t know Ryan Tandy. I don’t know anything about it.”

A text message was doing the rounds of all major media outlets yesterday, naming four players who were allegedly involved in a plot for the Cowboys to score a penalty goal in the opening stages of the game.

The retired player who is seen on CCTV footage, a player agent and a Sydney nightclub owner are also mentioned on the text.

It was claimed police would wait until after the grand final before stepping up their inquiries. WHY ARE THEY WAITING????

The Daily Telegraph forwarded the text message yesterday to State Crime Command senior detective Arthur Katsogiannis, who heads the investigation.

A police spokesperson said: “The investigation is ongoing and there is nothing to elaborate on at this stage.”

Police are also studying CCTV footage of a well-known punter who was in the same TAB as the former player, who also backed the Cowboys to kick a penalty goal.

Bookies suspended betting on the first-scoring option after a plunge worth about $500,000 to the group of punters.

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