Ten Comanchero bikies to stand trial over murder

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TEN Comanchero bikies will stand trial for murder over a “violent encounter” with rival gang the Hells Angels at Sydney airport, a magistrate has ruled.

Anthony Zervas, 29, was killed during the brawl on March 22, 2009, after a chance meeting of gang members on a domestic flight.

Ten Comanchero members were charged with his murder, while three people from the Hells Angels gang were charged with riot and affray.

After eight weeks of submissions at a committal hearing, magistrate John Favretto has found that a properly instructed jury could convict the men on a murder charge.

“The evidence is capable of satisfying a properly instructed jury … that each of the accused persons have committed an indictable offence,” he said.

The 10 accused are Comanchero boss Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi, Farres Abounader, Maher Aouli, Tiago Costa, Ismail Eken, Zoran Kiscanin, Frank La Rosa, Christian Menzies, Pomare Pirini and Usama Potrus.

Lawyers for some of the men submitted during the committal hearing that the Comanchero were acting in self-defence.

“It is a matter for a jury whether the actions of Hawi and others were done in the course of self-defence,” Mr Favretto said.

He said the evidence alleged Menzies and Hawi used a bollard to bash Mr Zervas, while Abounader had allegedly stabbed him with a knife.

Mr Zervas died from blunt-force trauma to the head and three stab wounds caused by a knife and scissors.

Some of the accused shook their heads as the decision was made, with one heard to mention “corruption”.

None of the men applied for bail and the matters have been adjourned to the NSW Supreme Court on November 4.

A decision on the committal of the three Hells Angels charged over the same incident will be given by Mr Favretto later today.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Comanchero bikies to stand trial over murder

  1. My cousins going to face trial although I’m not going to say who, trial starts in May. A farce, they want to make an example out of Mick using 2 rats that will testify.

    No-way you can charge 10 people of murder under these circumstances. They’ll try and pin Mick will get the maximum and give the rest a slap on the wrist with time served with a big probation.


  2. I meant no way you can convict 10 men of murder rather than charge without possibly knowing who delivered the decisive blow.


    • That was the problem with the Milperra massacre. I think it is highly likely there will be some acquittals and some manslaughter verdicts.


  3. A BIKIE boss found guilty of murdering a rival gang member during a brawl at Sydney Airport has been jailed for at least 21 years and six months.
    Comanchero national president Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi, 31, was found guilty last November of the March 2009 murder of Anthony Zervas, the brother of Hells Angels member Peter Zervas.
    In the NSW Supreme Court, Justice Robert Allan Hulme set a non-parole period of 21 years and a maximum of 28 years for the murder.
    Hawi was also found guilty of affray for which he received a fixed term of three years, six months to be partly accumulated with the murder term.
    The sentence is backdated to when he went into custody in May 2009.
    The judge said Hawi and his Comanchero colleagues had displayed “a flagrant disregard” not only for the law, but also for the many witnesses “in whose memories the incident will live long”.
    Mr Zervas suffered stab wounds and massive head injuries when he was attacked with bollards and kicked, punched and stomped on as he lay on the floor of the domestic terminal.
    The brawl erupted after a chance encounter between Hawi and Hells Angels boss Derek Wainohu on a flight from Melbourne.


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