“Aussie” Hassene Fkiri stripped of silver-Gives the bird,What an embarrassment

Update No.1- Congratulations to Ivan Popov, in taking gold for Australia, that is how you win. Pure excitement, shake hands with your opponent, grab the Aussie Flag and do a lap of honour. Well done…

Update No.2- Well credit must go where credit is due, and this bloke Hassene has manned up, and faced the media, his opponent and others and fully apologised for his outburst, as well as accepted some team punishments for when he gets back home.Well done big fella


hassene fkiri cracking the shits, refusing to shake the winners hand


Is Australia that desperate for filling spots in international sport that we will throw anyone into the fire?

This bloke, at 35/36 is a has been who for whatever reason I assume lives in Australia to “Represent his Country” and this is how he represents us? How much do we actually spend as taxpayers, on filling these spots with what seems “Whoever we can get”.

I noticed this way back when we had the Sydney Olympics when we had naturalised Australians in all sorts of sports, like weight lifting, table tennis, pole vaulting, etc etc… Are we that desperate.Fair enough get the best coaches buts lets not go getting athletes from overseas if this is how we are going to be represented. It stinks of bad sportsmanship and total disregard for the opportunity this country has provided him.

I feel ashamed…For a few reasons, one is at least there was not many spectators who saw it, which seems a huge problem in a country of many many millions. And secondly that this vision is going to go around the world and be labelled as Aussies are bad sports.

This bloke was not an Aussie athlete, he was someone who could wrestle ( I assume) and would “Qualify” under the rules as an Aussie. One final thing for all you racist watchers out there…This is not about race but nurturing what we have not what we can find and slipstream through the red-tape so we have representation.

Here is what the paper had to say about it…

AUSTRALIAN wrestler Hassene Fkiri has been stripped of the silver medal he won in the 96kg Greco-Roman class at the Commonwealth Games.

Tunisian-born Fkiri, 36, was disqualified for making a rude gesture to international wrestling officials after losing the gold medal bout to India’s Anil Kumar at the Indira Gandhi Complex in Delhi.

One Indian newspaper reported that Fkiri was cautioned three times by the umpire for dangerous play.

On the fourth occasion  he was disqualified and told to leave the mat.

As he did so, he apparently raised his middle finger to the judges and refused to shake hands with Kumar.

Australian coach Kuldi Bassi said: “I didn’t actually see anything myself but someone else told me he saw it.

“(Fkiri) is a very nice person normally. He’s very good, win or lose.

“He wasn’t unhappy at all (before the fight) – he was happy to be representing his country.

“The Indian (Kumar) upset him a bit and was pulling his neck.

“I told him that was what was going to happen and I think he just lost control. It’s very sad and it’s bad for the country.”

Following Fkiri’s disqualification, South Africa’s Kakoma Hugues Bella-Lufu was upgraded from bronze to silver and Canada’s Eric Feunekes from fourth to bronze.

Kumar’s victory completed a clean sweep of golds for India on the first day of wrestling.


Kumar celebrates his win with a victory lap


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