Dad raped 12 yr old daughter weekly gets 8 years? WTF?

AN EVIL dad who raped his 12-year-old daughter every week for five months admitted seeing another man sexually aroused by his daughter had “unleashed the beast in him”.

The man was jailed for a minimum of eight years this morning over the prolonged sexual abuse of his daughter. (Gee let’s deter these rapists, for christ sake it was his own daughter?)

County Court Judge Tim Wood said the man had breached the girl’s trust by offering to teach her how to be a grown up and have a boyfriend.

“While saying what was right and wrong to do with your boyfriend you would do it to her over and over again,” he said.

Judge Wood said the girl’s aunt had been living at the family home with her boyfriend who had shown a sexual interest in the 12-year-old, rubbing her leg and talking to her about sex.

Judge Wood said the girl’s father, who was 34 at the time, had admitted seeing another man pursue his daughter had sparked a sexual interest of his own.

He told investigators, “I let the beast in me get out of control, I let the beast out”.

The abuse started in early September last year and continued until February when the girl told her mother about the abuse.

During a family meal on January 30 the girl began crying uncontrollably over the abuse, but was threatened by her father not to tell her mother.

Two days later the girl confided in her mother and the pair returned to the family home to pack some belongings and leave.

The father returned unexpectedly and threatened them, before they fled in a car.

The father gave chase in another car before the pair hid in a service station to wait for police.

The father pleaded guilty to 19 charges including incest and reckless conduct endangering life.

Judge Wood sentenced the father to serve 11 years and five months with a non-parole period of eight years and five months.

I hope he cops it big time in Jail. They can get to Carl Williams but I bet this scumbag will get better protection

My thoughts are with the poor girl and the rest of her family

4 thoughts on “Dad raped 12 yr old daughter weekly gets 8 years? WTF?

  1. You know, as I wrote this story, I was thinking how I would like to expose the bastard that did this.But I realise what is more important is that this precious innocent little girl’s anonymous identity is maintained and she is able to get the help required to move on with her life without being exposed and have to deal with all the extra pressures…


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  3. Robbo,
    good on ya. I hate child molesters & rapists especially the fathers who do this. what a breach of trust. Oh don’t worry, he’ll get it in jail. they hate them in there too, Carl Williams only got bashed & killed because the supposed security on duty protecting him elected to let it happen, and so does it happen to these scum.
    I like you integrity too in letting the child get on with her life without being known as the victim over & over & over again.


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