Child killer Derek Percy demands victim's cash

Child Killer Derek Percy demands more cash

CHILD killer Derek Percy has demanded the family of one of his alleged victims pay up to $30,000 he spent in legal fees.

The demand was made after a court today ruled he should not have to give evidence on what he knows about the abduction and murder of seven-year-old Linda Stilwell.

Linda’s mother, Jean Priest, fought back tears after hearing Supreme Court Justice Iain Ross rule that Percy did not have to take the stand to answer questions on his alleged involvement in Linda’s abduction from St Kilda 42 years ago.

Percy has accumulated about $300,000 from his navy superannuation pension during his ongoing prison term for the mutilation killing of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, less than 12 months after Linda’s disappearance.

But the pedophile sadist, who was acquitted of Yvonne’s murder on the grounds of insanity and remains in jail for an indefinite term, has instructed his lawyers to pursue the Stilwell family for money he spent on barristers defending his fight against self-incrimination in the Stilwell mystery.

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Police have questioned Percy about the Stilwell abduction but he has claimed to not “remember” whether he killed the child.

Deputy State Coroner Iain West last year ruled Percy should not take the stand in an inquest into Linda’s death because of the time that had elapsed and his psychosis in the late 1960s meant his evidence would be unreliable.

An appeal to Justice Ross in the Supreme Court had sought a judicial review to overturn Coroner West’s decision.

Justice Ross will rule in coming days on whether Mrs Priest has to pay Percy’s legal bill.

“Like the coroner, I have enormous sympathy for Linda Stilwell’s family who have waited a considerable time for this inquest,” Justice Ross told the court today.

“But my task is to determine whether the coroner made a jurisdictional error in the rulings subject to review. I am not persuaded that he did.”

4 thoughts on “Child killer Derek Percy demands victim's cash

  1. Is this bloke a criminal, in jail for terrible crimes or a bloody VIP guest? Been getting a navy pension (worth 300,000 over his years in jail) when every law abiding veteran actually has to live on what they get, this bastard can just save his, or “Invest it”.

    He lives eats and shits for free, and now he wants to sue an alleged victims family for daring to have him tested in court… What the hell is going on


  2. Let the solicitors pushing this freak to sue the stillwells lodge their claim, then lets give it to them, with the help of the media we wont pay by bank deposit, we will deliver it to the solicitors….. If its ordered to be paid then I am sure there are some amongst us who would have pleasure presenting the check… we could always raffle off the spot to be able to present them with their compensation… To the Stillwell family we are very sorry that our judicial system has failed you, but I would still hold faith for common sense, if not then we will rally the troops and will make sure we make a huge fuss in paying their compensation…


  3. In response to the excellent article in the Herald Sun Editorial by The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Mr Ken Lay, Sir on Monday the 22nd of July 2013, in the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper, you wrote an article with the headline Victoria,s most powerful men declare war, and call to and end to family violence. And you have asked all guys to: Take a stand, and have a look at yourself and have hard conversations with all our friends, sons, teammates and colleagues and don’t turn away when we know violence is happening, and ostracise and vilify the men who we know to be violent, and make the male perpetrators face up to the consequences of their violent , controlling anger, which every week in Australia are the causes of assaults ,victims and causes of mental and physical illness, disability and death by homicide. In your article you say a unique opportunity currently exists for Victorians to address the dreadful crime of violence in the home the public and the community of Victoria. By speaking out for someone to help.
    This is exactly what many people on the Aussie criminals . com website and my self and the 30,000 people who have walked down Sydney Road Brunswick in a peaceful protest to remember Jill Meagher, and the outrage and concern about the in excusable duty of care and dangerous unaccountable and life changing release, over and over again of dangerous prisoners back into the streets, of Victoria, by the Panel of Victorian parole board and the tipping off of information by a Government justice department public servant, who informed ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/ BAYLEY, while he was on parole, that he was a suspect and a person of interest during the police investigation of the Brunswick Jill MEAGHER disappearance.
    As the recent outrage by the Victorian communities shows, the concerns at the innocent and unnecessary, violent rapes and murders and horrible disposal of there murdered bodies in a bush grave and a rubbish bin filled with concrete, by recidivist parole violation multiple conviction, violent rapist and dangerous,and registered sex offenders and well known criminals ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/ BAYLEY and Prison escape and now multiple murder and drug trafficker STEVEN JAMES HUNTER .
    We the people of Victoria are stepping up to take a stand, and looking at Victoria,s other most powerful legal men and women of justice, in charge of the Victorian Parole Board and all the Judges and Queens Council, barristers, lawyers, prosecutors and all the Justices of the Victorian Criminal Justice System and The Department of Justice, Prisons, Corrections Victoria, to see when the are going to toughen up, and ” take a stand”, on the worst and most dangerous of violent and recidivist repeat offenders, who instead of showing mercy to manipulating and cunning remorseless, offenders rights to rehabilitation and freedom and release on parole, from prison,the Victorian Justice System with the backing of the Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine and his liberal/ national party Government, show Zero tolerance to criminals rights, and create a new Victims Rights Legislation and enacting of new laws and statues and acts etc, that would instead re- write their laws of the land and hand out the maximum sentences that their acts of criminal law can already allow, such as, 25 years for rape and for murder, never to be released, and a life sentence, means a life sentence, without parole, and the danger to the community or the specially introduced 1990 , community protection act that was made law for Convicted Dangerous Prisoners, such as the GARY DAVID/ WEBB, LAW, brought back into use again for the extended indefinite imprisonment of any future Potentially dangerous recidivist and the unknown safety and welfare of the public by a high profile prison retractable and vexatious litigant, Like JUILAN,HODDLE STREET MASSACRE KNIGHT, and Mutilator Multiple Murderer Rapist,PETER NORRIS DUPAS AND GREGORY BLUEY BRAZEL, RAYMOND MR STINKY EDMONDS, DEREK PERCY, KEITH AND NOEL FAURE, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE HUDSON, VICTOR BRINCATT, RODNEY COLLINS, HUGO RICH, PAUL DENYER, BEGA CAMERILLI, BANDALI DEBS, CRAIG RUSSELL STREET BOMBER MINOGUE, STANLEY TAYLOR, PETER WALSH STREET MCEVOY, AND THE REST OF THE DIRTY DOZEN, OF OUR WORST OF THE WORST CONVICTED DANGEROUS AND NOTORIOUS VICTORIAN PRISONERS, WHO WILL FOREVER BE A DANGER TO SOCIETY IF EVER LET OUT OF IN MAXIMUM SECURITY BARWON AND PORT PHILLIP AND COUNTRY MEDIUM SECURITY PRISONS.
    It time for the Victoria,s most important men and women of Justice to step up and take a big risk assessment, and look at themselves for the long term health and safety of every Victorian citizen, and show some dash and tough commitment truth in sentencing for the welfare and wellness of every past and present and future victims of crime, that your currant leniency and plea bargaining sentences to the worst of the states criminals , have continued to let us all down. please look at the 30,000 plus people marching against lenient sentencing, ask yourself would you and your families , like to be in all these victims shoes, and what if these evil criminals raped or murdered your loved ones. ” Evil will go on while good men and women stand by and do nothing”!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………..
    We rest our case, Your Honours.


  4. For the pled of guilty, a U.S. Judge reduces the Sentence of Death to 1000 years and Life in Prison, with no possibility of Parole, and states to the sentenced Prisoner. That you can only die once in prison, so let it be for the rest of your life! The united states of America, as a democratic society with the power of the people voting in the 54 individual states, and the American constitution of the U.S. Department of Justice , Criminal Justice System, can dutiful in a regular and willing manner, effectively enforce in a court of law, upheld by judge and jury, the working zero tolerance to law and order, and successfully use the three strikes your out law, of life imprisonment with no parole, and even ultimately the death sentence, for the worst crimes. And dutifully carried out by the people for the people, under the legal jurisdiction of the Federal and State U.S. Police, Marshall, & Sheriff Departments, the U.S. Departments of Corrections and District Attorneys, prosecutors and District & Federal Judges. So , Then Why? wont the Seven, Australian States of Federal and State Politicians and High & Supreme Court Judges of the Australian Department of Justice, Criminal Justice System using the same power of the people in the same democratic society, under the same Natural justice and jurisdiction of the Australian and Her Majesties British Westminster Criminal Justice System, be as tough on Australia Worst Criminals . And enforce the U.S. Modus Operandi, of tough, and righteous punishment of long term sentences of life, no parole, anywhere from 100 plus to 1000 years, and The Death penalty! Australia has over its 200 years eroded from harsh convict era, of strict Governors pleasure of 50 years to Life, and Corporal and Capital Punishment. To the weak modern Australia,s, light and unjustifiable low minimum sentences, and generous early release of prisoners who should have been sentenced to the Maximum sentence in the first place , for their heinous crimes, of 25 years to life, as the law, and sentencing acts allow the Australian Judges the discretionary power to hand out the most harsh sentence to the prisoners in their courts, during sentencing.
    Its time the people of Australia are allowed to have a referendum on compulsory sentences to be handed out to the worst criminals. As the Australian Judges are so out of touch, with the communities expectations of real justice to be served for the worst possible crimes, committed by the the recidivist evil, like DEREK PERCY, and ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY, in our once safe COUNTRY OF AUSSIE!


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