Child killer Derek Percy demands victim’s cash

Child Killer Derek Percy demands more cash

CHILD killer Derek Percy has demanded the family of one of his alleged victims pay up to $30,000 he spent in legal fees.

The demand was made after a court today ruled he should not have to give evidence on what he knows about the abduction and murder of seven-year-old Linda Stilwell.

Linda’s mother, Jean Priest, fought back tears after hearing Supreme Court Justice Iain Ross rule that Percy did not have to take the stand to answer questions on his alleged involvement in Linda’s abduction from St Kilda 42 years ago.

Percy has accumulated about $300,000 from his navy superannuation pension during his ongoing prison term for the mutilation killing of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, less than 12 months after Linda’s disappearance.

But the pedophile sadist, who was acquitted of Yvonne’s murder on the grounds of insanity and remains in jail for an indefinite term, has instructed his lawyers to pursue the Stilwell family for money he spent on barristers defending his fight against self-incrimination in the Stilwell mystery.

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Police have questioned Percy about the Stilwell abduction but he has claimed to not “remember” whether he killed the child.

Deputy State Coroner Iain West last year ruled Percy should not take the stand in an inquest into Linda’s death because of the time that had elapsed and his psychosis in the late 1960s meant his evidence would be unreliable.

An appeal to Justice Ross in the Supreme Court had sought a judicial review to overturn Coroner West’s decision.

Justice Ross will rule in coming days on whether Mrs Priest has to pay Percy’s legal bill.

“Like the coroner, I have enormous sympathy for Linda Stilwell’s family who have waited a considerable time for this inquest,” Justice Ross told the court today.

“But my task is to determine whether the coroner made a jurisdictional error in the rulings subject to review. I am not persuaded that he did.”

2 thoughts on “Child killer Derek Percy demands victim’s cash

  1. Is this bloke a criminal, in jail for terrible crimes or a bloody VIP guest? Been getting a navy pension (worth 300,000 over his years in jail) when every law abiding veteran actually has to live on what they get, this bastard can just save his, or “Invest it”.

    He lives eats and shits for free, and now he wants to sue an alleged victims family for daring to have him tested in court… What the hell is going on


  2. Let the solicitors pushing this freak to sue the stillwells lodge their claim, then lets give it to them, with the help of the media we wont pay by bank deposit, we will deliver it to the solicitors….. If its ordered to be paid then I am sure there are some amongst us who would have pleasure presenting the check… we could always raffle off the spot to be able to present them with their compensation… To the Stillwell family we are very sorry that our judicial system has failed you, but I would still hold faith for common sense, if not then we will rally the troops and will make sure we make a huge fuss in paying their compensation…


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