Paedophile David Whitby jailed 26yrs for horrific crimes

A CAREER paedophile who committed the most “perverted and disgusting” crimes in the nation’s history has been jailed for up to 32 years, a judge describing his heinous acts as “much worse” than child sex offender Robert “Dolly” Dunn.

The sentence handed down to David Shane Whitby in the NSW District Court this morning means the 56-year-old will likely die in jail – but Judge Peter Berman said the severity of his criminal behaviour must be reflected in the punishment.

Sydney man David Shane Whitby, has been found guilty of 120 child sex offences

Whitby was convicted of 120 offences against eight victims, spanning 10 years.

His youngest victim was still in nappies when Whitby committed acts of such depravity they can not be published.

Many of the crimes were convicted as Whitby, a former DJ in suburban Sydney, babysat them, in many cases forcing them to consume drugs and alcohol in order to make them more compliant against his obscene requests.

Judge Berman said the images he saw in Whitby’s catalogue of home-made videos of child pornography were the worst he had ever encountered.
“I have never seen one human being mistreat another in such a vile, disgusting and perverted manner as we saw in that video,” he told the court.

While many of those present for the sentencing left in tears during parts of the judgment, Justice Berman noted the importance of the community understanding just what “depths” Whitby had descended during his life – not least of all because of the “enormous harm” he caused his innocent victims.

“There are people like Whitby in the world, so it’s necessary to describe the evil that people do because as Shakespeare reminds us, evil lives after them,” he said.

Judge Berman set Whitby, who remained unmoved, a non-parole period of 26 years, with a head sentence of 32 years.



Another article during the trial describes the pain of both victims and their parents

The 14-month-old girl had an inkling of the imminent sexual attack on her.

She tried desperately to crawl away from the man, but was grabbed by the legs and dragged across the bed so that the vile assault could begin, a Sydney court has been told.

She screamed and struggled in vain as her nappy was ripped off.

The toddler was one of eight victims molested by David Shane Whitby, who in July was found guilty of 120 child sex offences.

He assaulted children over a 10-year period, photographing and filming the acts.

Another of Whitby’s victims rushed crying from Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court during sentencing submissions today, as details of his attack on the toddler were read out by Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi.

During the trial, which was heard without a jury, Judge Peter Berman viewed the videos and photographs made by Whitby.

One of those videos showed the attack of the baby girl.

“The child sees the offender approaching her, she exhibits extreme fear … she obviously had some inkling of what was about to happen. He grabs her by the legs, pulls her towards him and commits the offences,” Mr Tedeschi said in court on Friday.

Whitby sat in the dock of the court, occasionally shaking his head as the details were read.

He claimed during the trial that he was not the offender. The offender was a man he used to know but with whom he no longer had any contact, he said.

In some videos, Whitby wears items including a pink fairy outfit, a black mask, a black body suit, black high heels or a suspender belt and stockings – as do some of his victims.

A sign on the door of the court warned people of the graphic nature of the case.

Details of the assault on the toddler were harrowingly graphic.

“Screams and struggles are heard from the child … that would send chills down the spine of any reasonable person,” Mr Tedeschi said of the video.

“This toddler did all that she could to get away from the offender in a vain attempt to avoid the offending behaviour.

“The offender’s only motivation … is to obtain sexual gratification from his conduct with a very young child.”

Earlier today, another of Whitby’s victims – now an adult mother of three – said that being forced to relive the details during the prosecution case had “ruined her life”.

“I feel like I’m worthless as a mother now because I’m so consumed about what happened to me I can’t look after my kids. I don’t cope with daily life at all,” said the tearful woman, who can’t be identified.

Her brother was raped and assaulted by Whitby – charges involving the boy totalling 91.

Mr Tedeschi said Whitby sexually conditioned his victims and that the assaults would sometimes take place while the children were watching television or talking on the phone.

“The offender committed the acts for his own immediate gratification and also for the purposes of recording the acts for his later sexual titillation,” Mr Tedeschi said.

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20 thoughts on “Paedophile David Whitby jailed 26yrs for horrific crimes

  1. Sick slime.System fails here with only 26 years while he distroyed lives.I’ll bask in the fact it’s only an “If” he gets out.People on the inside enjoy being around those kinds of sick as much as we do..Not at all.This is a sick sick kind of person that shouldn’t ever walk freely among us.


    • it is so sad that these children have had their lives destroyed… y do they not bring back the death penalty for people like this .. i being a mum would gladly push the button in a second…….no words to describe this scum


    • You couldnt be more correct when you saythis evil piece of crap has destroyed lives, he certainly destroyed mine, I have suffered at the hands of this man for more than half my life and the 26 year jail sentence is laughable considering how much damage he has done to me and the other victims. i hope he is tortured every day for the rest of his life


      • You would have a line many miles long with folks who support what you are saying about this scumbag. Let him see how he goes mixed in with brave crims, man to man….


      • god that is so sad.. hope you can gather some strength at least to know that we are all here to support you.. and yes hope they enjoy him inside the sick bastard.. hope that your future is full of nice people.. you must be a lot stronger then you realise to convict such a disgusting criminal… thoughts to you…


  2. what gets me the most is that this man had been locked up in 1987 for child sex abuse and the police never kept an eye on him and allowed him to prey on single mothers such as mine. if they had have done thier job properly this never would have happened


    • I cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling with all you and your family have been through. You are so right, we let these wicked people off to easily and give them too many chances. Once should be enough for certain crimes.


      • Problem is that they will keep this dog protected from any harm in prison. I say throw him to the pack.


  3. Just joined Facebook page “Death Sentence for David Shane Whitby” if anyone is interested.

    Personal interest in this case, very angry for what he did to kids I care about, and so sorry to anyone this happened to at the hands of this scum and anyone like him. They aren’t sorry, they dont learn and they enjoy the depraved things they do. That being said, I will not publish details on the kids I know cause its their business.


    • i would gladly come and watch the scum burn and push the button even.. i dont think it would even be a crime to get rid of losers like this. so dam angry that there is never enough done to people like this.. god comit a car theft and you would get more.. laughable is our justice system ..


  4. when is the law going to protect children , women , animals etc .. these people who commit these crimes dont get punished . the physical and mental pain that these victims have to endure for the rest of their lives . the guilty need to never be let out of jail.. why doesnt the government do anything about the laws .. to help protect everyone.. they keep letting people out to do more harm.. these people are sick


    • The law needs to be re-written to stop cunts like you getting away with what you have too bitch.
      The Family Court treats you favourably and you play it all the way.
      Justice for your crimes will come soon dont worry.


  5. There needs to be some sort of proper punishment for these dog turds of society but unfortunately I don’t know what it is. The death penalty is too easy. Time in jail where they are protected with their other pedophile friends is probably enjoyable for them where they can swap stories and talk about teh ‘good ole’ days’. I’m thinking maybe castration and chopping off their fingers as well as maybe tying them to a post in the main capital city malls with a sign above them telling the public of their crimes might be a good punishment as well. All in all though these sick ****ers will probably not be deterred by whatever punishment is available to them.


  6. Lethal injection is needed in these type of cases as the perpetrator will never stop. The damage done to the children lasts a life time, and affects them in every facet of their lives forever. The damage can never be undone. Many later take their own lives because of what this type of scum has done.

    As peodophiles seem unable to be cured, maybe there should be mandatory life sentences for 1st offences, or certainly for offences where the perpetrator revels in his crime by videoing and photographing, drugging and plying with alcohol, as this is compounding the crime.

    My heartfelt hopes, to be able to look at life from a different perspectiv go out to his victims. There are far more good people in the world that scum of this ilk.

    May he do it hard in jail, and die there.


    • hey guys, I just wanted to thank deb especially but all of you for your kind words and thoughts, it has been a long road but i can finally see things stating to look up and it is supportive people like you that have helped me get there. I have realised how strong I am and i am looking forward to a brighter future. As kathy said i am finally able to look at life from a different perspective now. Although whitby still haunts me in my sleep and in many areas of my life the good days are actually outweighing the bad now


      • Good for you annonomous – keep moving forward as you will get there! You are already well on the way and with your positive outlook now, it will always get better. Whilst it will never fully go away, you will find with time that it will diminish and thoughts of the perpetrator will not be as prominent. It is a waste of space in your strong mind to allow this mongrel in – smell the roses now, and the good thoughts, people and good in life will overwhelm the negative. A very Happy Christmas to you and yours and a wonderful new 2011.


  7. I have to admit, in this particular case I think the punishment is not severe enough. I am not usually a fan of the death penalty, but in this case it would be appropriate. I don’t usually hope for this either: but I am hope he is savagely murdered in prison.


  8. you know the saddest thing is that we who knew him never really knew him he spent many years with our families as our children grew up and never did i ever think he could do what he did … i dred to think what he may have done to my child at any one time he was around .. i knew he was a sleeze but that was with adults … i feel for the young lives that will never be the same after such an act and i know that he will get his just reward when the time is right .. believe me when i say i know most of the youngsters who were molested and i could think of nothing worse .. you are all in our prayers and hopefully one day you will be able to get past this and live a semi normal life … hand him his nuts on a platter


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