Travis Pedley ran over mowerman on Attempted murder charges

Maybe one day soon we will know why this bloke Travis Pedley ran over another man over and over in his commodore, when all the victim was doing was moving a strip of grass near a bus-stop. Pedley did u turns repeatedly and went back an ran over him again  just to make sure he did the job on the defenceless victim and then allegedly said to the victims son, who had also been mowing close by “Let that be a lesson” Obviously you could conclude there is some bad blood there, certainly though, it was a cowards act to go about any for of revenge or payback. With several witnesses seeing the whole thing I think he is in a bit of strife

A ride-on Mower

Travis Pedley, 39, who sat impassively in the prisoner’s dock in Melbourne Magistates’ Court, made no application for bail.

He was ordered by magistrate Luisa Bazzani to reappear in the same court in January next year.

Police allege Mr Pedley deliberately drove his Holden Commodore at Ian Coe, 56, as he was cutting grass around a bus stop on vacant land at Canterbury Rd, Venus Bay, last Friday.

They say the incident was witnessed by Glenn Coe, who was cutting grass across the road, and he bravely dragged his father out of the path of the oncoming car and probably saved his life.

Mr Coe is in a coma in the Alfred hospital, where he has undergone a number of operations for a shattered pelvis, swelling of the spine, broken ribs and internal injuries.

His condition is listed as “critical” and it is believed one of his legs has been almost completely destroyed.

Police allege on the first occasion the mower was hit full on and Mr Coe was catapulted into the air and landed a number of metres away, where he lay motionless on the ground.

It is then alleged Mr Pedley, of Venus Bay, circled his car on the block and ran straight over the top of Mr Coe.

All four wheels went over the victim and witnesses say he was spat out of the back.

Glenn Coe saw what had happened and as he rushed to his father’s aid police allege Mr Pedley then did another U-turn and ran across Ian Coe’s abdomen and legs.

He lifted up his father, who was screaming in pain, and police allege that as he was being dragged to safety Mr Pedley did another U-turn and ran over his legs again.

Glenn Coe then dragged his father to their work car, which they used to transport the mowers for their grass-cutting business.

It will be alleged Mr Pedley drove up to Glenn Coe and said “let that be a lesson”.

Mr Pedley was intercepted by police driving towards Inverloch in his badly damaged car and it will be alleged he did not know the victim.

He is also charged with intentionally causing serious injury.

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