Farquharson gets 33 years? what happened to life?

Farquharson was jailed for three life terms without parole after his first trial in 2007. He gets another trial, costing millions, and now gets minimum 33 years? At an educated guess, I feel a bad accident within 3 years, revenge is best served cold.Nothing is truer in jail…

Jai, 10, Bailey, two, and Tyler, seven, drowned in 2005 by their spiteful vindictive father

KILLER dad Robert Donald William Farquharson will not spend the rest of his life in jail with no chance of parole.

Justice Lex Lasry today condemned the 41-year-old to life imprisonment but decided to grant him a 33-year minimum term for the murder of his three sons – Jai, 10, Tyler, 7, and Bailey, 2.

“You are 41 years of age and apparently in reasonable health” Justice Lasry said today.

“Providing you do not develop any serious health problems in the future, a life sentence without parole could result in you serving as much as approximately another 40 or more years in addition to time you have already served,” Justice Lasry told Farquharson.

“As I have noted, on all the evidence, you are not a threat to the community as best as I can tell.

“You have no prior convictions, and prior to these terrible incidents, you could be properly described as a man of good character”

Cindy Gambino wept uncontrollably and Farquharson sat shaking his head in the courtroom.

Farquharson drove the boys into a dam near Winchelsea on Father’s Day 2005 in a spiteful way of getting back at his ex-wife, Cindy Gambino.

He was found guilty by a jury in July after an 11-week re-trial, despite his protestations that he feel unconscious at the wheel during a violent coughing fit and accidentally ended up in the dam.

During the Supreme Court pre-sentence plea hearing, Crown prosecutor Andrew Tinney, SC, urged Justice Lasry to jail Farquharson for the rest of his life for committing the “worst category of murder”.

He said the three boys were vulnerable and helpless little ones whose father should have protected and nurtured them instead of using them to inflict punishment on his Ms Gambino.

“The prisoner killed not one but all three of his children, wiping out his and his ex-wife’s family in one act,” Mr Tinney said at the pre-sentence hearing.

Defence barrister Peter Morrissey, SC, urged for mercy, saying that condemning the killer dad to a hopeless existence would be inhumane and the punishment out of proportion.

Mr Morrissey said his client was of good character.

“Even accommodating a verdict as there was, it could not be doubted that he had a very geniune love for those boys as attested in sworn evidence,” Mr Morrissey had said.

At the time, Justice Lasry commented: “Even if it’s momentary – if it’s a momentary crime – it’s a momentary crime of the most breathtaking proportions.”

Farquharson was jailed for three life terms without parole after his first trial in 2007.

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