Daniel Valerio killer gets Outrageous privileges

VICTORIANS will be appalled and outraged to learn that one of the state’s most notorious child killers has been allowed to live a charmed and privileged life in prison, complete with conjugal visits and even playtime among young children. Aiton, who is 188cm tall and weighed 105kg when he beat Daniel to death after months of abuse, will be eligible for parole next month after serving the minimum 18 years of a 22-year sentence.


Child Killer, Paul Aiton, weak, gutless coward of a man, marries in jail

Paul Leslie Aiton has even been permitted to marry and buy a house with his new bride while serving a 22-year sentence for the murder of toddler Daniel Valerio.


The state still shudders at the memory of this hideous crime and the awful details of Daniel’s death after months of beatings at the hands of this despicable monster. A post-mortem examination found that two-year-old Daniel, son of Aiton’s girlfriend of the time, suffered 104 bruises and two broken collarbones before dying.

The death led to mandatory reporting of child abuse after it was revealed doctors, police and community service workers had been warned that Daniel was being constantly beaten before his murder.

Now we discover that Aiton, eligible for parole next month after serving 18 years of his 22-year sentence, has been enjoying creature comforts – including four-hour love sessions with his new wife – in Marngoneet Prison, a place established for “males who are at moderate to high risk of re-offending”.

He is even allowed to play with his new young stepdaughter during contact visits in the presence of children of other prisoners.

We demand to know who is responsible for deciding on such favoured treatment for a cowardly, vicious drunken thug?

Aiton deserves no parole and no more special privileges for the rest of his sentence. He should have no special rights.

This man should be locked in a solitary maximum-security cell with sufficient heating and lighting, and three basic meals a day.

No more, no less. Daniel’s memory demands it.

THE brother of Daniel Valerio has hit out at news his brother’s killer has been allowed to marry while in prison.

A Herald Sun investigation has learned Paul Leslie Aiton has been allowed to marry and buy a house with his bride, Linda, while serving a 22-year sentence for the murder of toddler Daniel Valerio.

Aiton’s four-hour conjugal visits were approved by prison authorities and occur in a special unit at Marngoneet prison in Lara.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Valerio killer gets Outrageous privileges

  1. This boil’s my blood this shit that goes on in prison is a fucking joke.He kill’s a 2 year old which is just send’s me into a fucking rage evry time i think about poor Daniel and now these fucking do-gooders let this shit go on,getting married,buying property and to top it off have visits from the sick women who married the gutless fuck.What a fucking disgrace our legal system and correctional system is.He shouldn’t be able to go and have a shit without asking,and poor Ben,Daniel’s older brother who had to put up with this weak prick should take the fucker to court and sue the asswipe in civil court,Ben tried to show the authourities what fuckin aiton was doing to Daniel and him but they didn’t fuckin listen,por kids the whole system is FUCKED.


  2. What the hell is the government thinking allowing this? Not only is he somehow able to purchase a house? But to be allowed to have a sexual relationship behind barS????? Do they not understand how children are made? Unless they are willing to sever this mans family jewels they should not allow him the satisfaction of.. well satisfaction..

    Disgusting.. This disgusting excuse for a human has now been released… After only the minimum term?


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