Former MP Gordon Nuttall guilty

Guilty as accused, this lying, sneaky greedy ex politician is now a criminal. All the lies under oath counted for nothing. When the verdict was read out he cried like a baby,This man though he was invincible, unfortunately know, we have to wait for sentencing…This is the bit where he gets all his medical mates to write up the reports about all the “Alan Bond” like illnesses, depression, anxiety, potential cancers, blah blah to get a light  sentence

Gordon Nuttall, disgraced politician

FORMER Queensland Government minister Gordon Nuttall wept as he was found guilty on 10 counts of corruption and perjury today.

The jury retired at 4pm on Monday and returned at 11.20am with its verdicts.

A sombre-looking Nuttall spoke to family members in the moments before jury members entered the court room today.

“Be strong for each other,” he said.

When the verdicts were announced, the former Peter Beattie-government minister broke down and cried.

The crown alleged Nuttall received more than $150,000 in corrupt payments made up of $130,000 in cash payments delivered by businessman Brendan McKennariey to Nuttall’s home and the remainder in cheque and bank payments.

Nuttall, 57, had pleaded not guilty five charges of official corruption and five alternate charges of receiving secret commissions between December 2001 and July 2005.

He also pleaded not guilty to five counts of perjury at a Crime and Misconduct Commission hearing on September 28, 2006.

The two-week trial heard McKennariey became involved with Nuttall in two schemes for which Nuttall allegedly got kick backs while he was Industrial Relations Minister and Health Minister.

In 2001, when Nuttall was the Minister for Industrial Relations, McKennariey got work through a program to help indigenous people in a work place health and safety program.

McKennariey and a man named Graham Doyle were involved in th scheme but they had to use a “front man” because of an earlier falling out with another government minister Robert Schwarten.

The scheme was not very successful but Nuttall got about a total of $11,200 in December 2001.

The trial heard by 2004, Nuttall was Health Minister and McKennariey had come up with an idea for a scheme to assess waste water which had been developed by a Central Queensland University researcher.

Again using a front man, McKennariey won a contract and received more than $600,000. It would be alleged Nuttall had received $130,000 in cash – four payments of $25,000 and then one for $30,000 – over a period of time from McKennariey.

In evidence, McKennariey told the trial he had made five trips to Nuttall’s home in 2005-2006 with shopping bags crammed with cash.

The trial also heard allegations Nuttal had “plainly” lied five times to a CMC hearing in relation to various aspects of the two ventures.

Nuttall claimed the money paid into his bank in cheques and cash was repayment of $50,000 he loaned McKennariey while he denied ever receiving the $130,000 in cash.

He told the court when he appeared before the CMC he had been in a depressed and confused state.

Nuttall will be sentenced in November.

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