Ron Medich’s Wife slams gossip and rumour

It will be very interesting to read her words again in a year or so after the full charges are laid and have gone to court. Whilst I feel for the children about their father being in the media, it is of his own doing…


SHE is the glamorous blonde wife who has lived in the shadows of her wheeling and dealing tycoon property developer husband, but now Odetta Medich is having her say.


Ron Medich and his wife Odetta

For 13 months, the well-educated, Lithuanian-born Mrs Medich has maintained a dignified silence, despite the undercurrent of rumour and innuendo surrounding her tycoon husband’s alleged involvement in the contract killing of Sydney businessman Michael McGurk.But yesterday, a day after her husband Ron Medich was charged with soliciting to murder Mr McGurk, Mrs Medich, 43, broke her silence to The Daily Telegraph.

“Don’t say ‘poor me’. I will be OK, we will get through this,” the softly spoken taxation lawyer – who moved to Australia in her early 20s – said.

Her two sons, aged 18 and 12, were her primary concern, she said, and she would continue to protect them from the “hurtful” things that have been alleged about their father.

“I have two young sons who have to go to school, they are my focus,” Mrs Medich said. The children attend a private school in the Eastern Suburbs. The older son is in the middle of his HSC exams.

Sitting in the magnificent $40 million waterfront home shared until two nights ago with her husband, 62, Mrs Medich described her family’s life in recent months as “hell” and the intrusion by the police and the media as “grossly unfair”.

“This has been so hard for us, for my children, you have no idea of what we have been through … it’s just so unfair. To have lived like this, to have this happen … the treatment, it’s grossly unfair,” she said.

She insisted she was not looking for sympathy, but wished people would just wait and not draw “unreasonable conclusions”.

“You don’t know the real story, you don’t know what’s really gone on, because no one cares to listen,” Mrs Medich said.

“[But] I will be OK, things will turn around for me, I’m confident of that.”

Queensland-born Mr Medich, who is of Croatian background, met his wife almost two decades ago through friends on Sydney’s social circuit.

He was then a well-connected, self-made wealthy and eligible businessman. She was the pretty and intelligent European head-turner.

More recently, Mr Medich had dropped off the social scene, preferring lunches with close associates.

Mrs Medich, however, maintains a presence at A-list functions and has continued with her active involvement in the art world as a member of the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mrs Medich said her husband was more than just the tycoon property developer he is commonly referred to in the newspapers and on TV.

“You people [in the media] go on about millionaires as if it’s just happened to them. These people pay their taxes, they contribute to the community, too,” she said.

“The media has been on a witch hunt. Nowhere else in the world would a person be treated like this [in the media],” she said.

Mrs Medich claimed her husband had been embroiled in the alleged plot to murder Mr McGurk because of “gossip and rumour”.

She said he did not deserve to be charged with soliciting to murder, nor languishing in a cell in the remand section of Silverwater jail. Time will tell…I know who my money is on….

“What has happened [to him] is all based on rumour and gossip, he doesn’t deserve this … there is a lot you don’t know,” Mrs Medich said.

It is understood she was comforted on the day of her husband’s arrest by a small group of close girlfriends.

2 thoughts on “Ron Medich’s Wife slams gossip and rumour

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  2. I would love to know how Kimberley McGurk got out of being charged. It is because of her connections with the Catholic Church and the donations they gave or does she have the Police on her side. She should be in gaol as well. Her photo and childrens photos should also be plastered all across the media. They are at private schools on stolen money.


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