Bestiality is not illegal in the ACT???

Canberra Raiders player Joel Monaghan at the club

As far as any criminal charges go against Joel Monaghan check this out…“Bestiality is not illegal in the ACT but the RSPCA has described the photo as “sickening and disgusting” and has reportedly written a letter to ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope demanding similar acts be outlawed in the future.”

Now I am not saying that his intention was to do anything other than get a cheap laugh from his other immature mates but it worries me that the REAL sick people out there can go around the ACT bonking animals and it is legal??? WTF

There is no mention of bestiality in the ACT Crimes Act but in the NSW Crimes Act those who commit an act of bestiality with any animal are liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

An ACT Policing spokeswoman said: “At this stage police understand the incident occurred in ACT and it does not appear that any offence has been committed under ACT laws.”

Read the main story on my blog here I think this bloke is really going to need some support, we do not want it ending in tragedy, he obviously acknowledges what a huge mistake it was he made

2 thoughts on “Bestiality is not illegal in the ACT???

  1. Just like X-rated DVDs are legal in the ACT; the pollies have to blow off steam (and other things). For some MPs it’s X-rated porn and for others it’s a piece of ass.


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