Kiesha Abrahams little sister interviewed

HOMICIDE detectives have taken the extraordinary step of interviewing the three-year-old sister of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams without her parents being present.

As the search for the missing child enters its 100th day today, police confirmed they spent several hours with her younger sister Breeana in their quest for information.

Kristi Abrahams, Rob Smith & Breeana wait for news of missing daughter 6 year old Kiesha Abrahams missing from their Mount Druitt unit

Breanna’s mother Kristi Abrahams and stepfather Robert Smith were not allowed in the room.

Breeana was accompanied by a social worker who has been in close contact with the family since Kiesha was reported missing from her Mt Druitt home on August 1, as well as homicide detectives who have worked on the case.

Specialist investigators trained in working with children were brought in for the interview late last week, which included role playing to encourage the girl to speak to the officers.

But Ms Abrahams said yesterday she doubted if police achieved much by interrogating her youngest daughter.  Wow so hopeful, this mother…

“I know for a fact they got nothing, she doesn’t talk,” Ms Abrahams said. Is this the loving hopeful mother saying this? Willing to try anything to find her daughter?

She said the child is not comfortable around people she doesn’t know, including the police. “She doesn’t talk to the police, she doesn’t talk to anyone,” she said.

Ms Abrahams said Breeana has not been talkative since Kiesha went missing. But she said Breeana often comments on her older sister’s absence from the family, and says “Sissy gone”.

Police would not comment on what had prompted them to formally speak with the child, one of the youngest people in NSW to be interviewed by police, other than to say it was about “right timing”.

Six-year-old Kiesha was reported missing from her family’s Woodstock Ave home.

Her mother and step-father have denied any involvement in her disappearance, and insist she was kidnapped or wandered off and met with foul play.

Residents in western Sydney yesterday held a candle ceremony on the 100th day anniversary since her disappearance.

The ceremony is one of dozens which have been held at a shrine outside her home.

“We have to keep doing things for Kiesha, to keep her name out there, to get answers … we have to,” organiser Sharyn Greeves said.

sHer mother said the family had their own shrine set up in their home, and would mark the occasion in a private way.

“Every day is hard, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it’s all hard,” Ms Abrahams said.

2 thoughts on “Kiesha Abrahams little sister interviewed

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  2. Poor little girl, he mother said that Breanna (3yrs old) couldn’t talk so the police wouldn’t have “gotten anything out of her”. They were counting on it weren’t they. Poor little girl must have been missing her big sister something terrible and those two animals kept up the lie. I wonder what they were doing to Breanna in the silence.


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