Joel Monaghan Legal threat, my RESPONSE

I have to say the response to the Joel Monaghan PHOTO scandal has been nothing short of incredible. I reported on a story I read early in the piece and then followed up online with it and published a piece here. To say I was surprised by the response is an understatement. Within an hour the post had over 5000 hits and by the end of the day over 50,000. Within 2 days it was over 100,000 hits and many hundred replies.Quite a few I have had to remove for their pure vile and disgusting content.

I also placed a poll to get a gauge on what my readers felt about the situation and a copy of the current results are posted here. I thought the questions I posted were fair, allowing for a vote for several views on the matter.

I asked  should Canberra Raiders centre Joel Monaghan be sacked after his Mad Monday Incident? I think it is a true reflection of Australians that  43.23% of the vote was “No, silly but no harm done”. In second place with 29.01% was “Yes it’s appalling” and 3rd with 27.76% of the vote was “YES, and be charged with criminal offences

I wrote that poll around the day I posted and a lot has happened since. Obviously Joel has quit the Raiders and taking a humiliating hit.

Yet in the days since I would argue the fact “No harm done”…

This has become world wide news, a spotlight on one of Australia’s major sports.In deed one of its star players. It has seen to reflect on Rugby league in general (after many outrageous, unsavoury and appalling acts by sports people in recent years) This incident has turned many parents off ever allowing their children to play the game, if this is how the stars of game behave. It affects country clubs struggling for sponsorship, it effects other sports as all sports-people are thrown into the same “Spoilt overpaid get away with anything” basket.

Unfortunate as it is, it IS Joel that has been cast in this position, I have read each and every reply to this thread and it is obvious a lot of people feel that many are doing other things which are most probably worse that this. Mistreatment of women, the public, establishments they frequent etc, purely because they are footballers (replace with other sports). Whilst I can guarantee there has been worse out there is that how we are going to gauge any current behaviour? I say no, I also say to the authorities to get off there arses and start charging the subjects of these idiotic acts, just like they do in normal society and not give these guys a free pass “because they are a GOOD bloke” or whatever.

Jail is full of good blokes who stuffed up. My understanding is incredibly, Because this occurred in the A.C.T (Canberra) the act of Bestiality is not a criminal offence. In other Australian states it is, and criminal charges could and would be laid.

To hide behind the simulated act is a cop-out. A bloke holding a knife, pretending to rob someone as a joke would not be looked upon lightly by the law so why should anyone in this situation?

Some people quite close to Joel have written, basically demanding (actually threatening) I remove the original story and photos . Whilst I understand their grief as a family ( I am a parent myself) I don’t feel I should. So I am asking readers who hopefully have read this to vote in a new poll on whether I should remove  the thread.

(I also want to make it aware, I volunteer my time, and DO NOT and will not receive any financial benefit from publishing this blog. I do it to keep the public informed)



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23 thoughts on “Joel Monaghan Legal threat, my RESPONSE

  1. We, as his family have had to witness the most awful vilification of
    Joel’s character in the media, sensational journalism and have had to
    listen & read many untruths. Our sadness in this is that Joel’s
    unblemished career has been forgotten. As parents we have always
    stressed that they must give back to the football community, and we
    believe that both our boys have demonstrated many acts of kindness and
    compassion over the years, not only to promote Raiders, Manly, Roosters
    but his family upbringing as well. Both the boys have willingly attended
    any functions that they have been asked to attend, and participated freely at
    many charitable events outside of the clubs commitments. Joel over the
    years has attended school promotions, visiting both frail and sick fans
    in hospital/nursing homes in his own leisure time, donating his own
    personal memorabilla for charitable auctions, and at his own volition
    visited a young fan at home last Xmas Morning as a surprise.

    Joel has received great support from many players from different clubs
    over the past few days, and Nick Politis stated that Joel has been the
    nicest young man that has ever played for the Roosters; surely his good
    deeds outweigh 2 seconds of stupidity. I also must stress that after
    Joel became aware that the photo was circulating before the media had
    access, he sought counseling straight away, he has not drunk alchol since and
    never will. My son is in a very dark place at the moment and we as a
    family have great concerns. He is very distressed that he has bought
    such shame & humiliation to his 84 year old grandparents, his nieces &
    nephews, parents, siblings,club & fans. Surely he should be given a
    chance to redeem himself and the ability to claw back his reputation to the
    football fraternity and fans.

    As his parents we are asking you to consider what a profound affect this
    is having on him emotionally, we have experienced the heartache of a
    family member taking his own life when he could no longer handle stress. Over
    the last few days we personally have been hounded at our door by the
    media, we have kept a dignified silence, made no comments hoping that
    all involved would come forward and stand united with their apologies
    and not leave Joel to carry this unsavoury burden alone. The description
    of the act has been blown all out proportion, regardless how it appears
    it was a staged photo (disgusting yes), at no time did the dog touch
    Joel’s gentiles harm or distress the dog. Joel did not take any photos,
    the photo was taken by others, and was intended to be shown to the owner
    of the dog as a joke (condone this action, NO). The action of the person
    who forwarded the photo from the confines of a private party in a
    private home has betrayed Joel,his club & team mates and is more guilty
    of bringing the game into disrepute.


    • Well spoken…with obvious love and respect to your family and the community.

      Many, have done incredibly stupid things in their time, and it is certainly better luck than judgement…that they were not been caught out. Joel was not as fortunate.

      May Joel and the family come out from this stronger, wiser and with the ability to rebuild.


    • I don’t know whether you really are his mother or not, but if so, don’t try and say that your son is such a lovely man because he’s attended functions and visited his fans. Most Athletes, celebrities and members of the media do what your son has done and much, much more. It’s a win-win situation for these people, they only have to invest a few hours a week in doing some community charity work, they receive a good reputation, more fans and possible endorsements from sponsors. What about the rugby players who have gang raped women? Should they receive a second chance because they’ve visited sick children in the past or because they had a bit too much to drink? I personally know of cases where football players have got off on rape charges, women have received payouts to stay quiet and these men have had the media portray them as not guilty, believe me or not. The charity events they have attended don’t make them good people and don’t warrant them a second chance.
      Athletes don’t get the same treatment as the rest of the community, sure what your son did didn’t hurt anyone and i agree with people who are saying that the dog probably wouldn’t know better. But people should know better, it is deviant behaviour, it is wrong and it is unacceptable. No he shouldn’t get his job back because he should not be in a role model position, children should not look up to this man, or any other person who would do this under the influence of alcohol or not. Him losing his job and enormous salary isn’t the end of the world, he can get a real job, work 40 hours a week on an average income and live a comfortable life. He isn’t going through anything tough, he needs to harden up and look at people who have nothing, and really think about whether he’s going through a ‘dark time’.


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  3. After considerable thought I have decided to remove the previous photos purely out of respect for Joels family and his young relatives.It is not something they need to go online and find.

    (Owner and operater of Aussie Criminals)


  4. I don’t understand why you would have this incident up there amongst the likes of the Johns brothers & others who have taken drugs & abused women (& worse). A simulated act with an animal is no comparison to a simulated act of holding a knife to someones throat. One is clearly young men having way too much too drink (never going to end well but no one hurt except Joel & certainly not the dog!) and the other is just violent.
    By the way what qualifies you to be moral judge and jury? This whole site reeks of small minded, petty, vilification.


    • Hi Kellie thanks for your thoughts, my only qualification is to report what I see and hear, with a conscience… you guys make up your own minds. It is sad that you really believe nobody was hurt in this.That is a narrow minded closed view on the matter. How about the sick people out there now inspired to try such a stupid and disgusting thing. How about the people with pets, traumatised to think that people do that to pets, what about the international shame it has bought on our country and sports-people, what about the dog? It may now become aggressive to people close to it for fear. Many more reasons too, the shame and humiliation from his family. Open your eyes a bit wider and think maybe, before you make a comment I say


      • Robbo, I seriously doubt the dog is going to have a psychotic episode over this. The dog probably had a great time being the center of attention and wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what was going on. It’s a dog. It licks its own balls.

        The comparison between this event and a knife wielding bandit is laughable. Just like the rest of the press, you are making a mountain out of a mole-hill.


        • I doubt it too Did I say it was going to have a psychotic episode? I must of been having one myself if I did. Who says that’s all that happened? Are there more pics, other accounts, has anyone been compensated for staying quiet? I wonder…..sure the dog has forgotten about it, but let me tell you this, if that was my dog and I had evidence someone did it to my dog, I would be doing everything possible under every law of the land to have them charged. It is deviant behaviour, anyone who says it was just a joke, are those types who think “Oh it was just a slap etc” I see it as no different than making a girl do that. the same guys would of been finding the humour in that too would they? all a joke…well no its not


  5. By the way, the only reason you’ve received so many hits is your direct link to the photo which is still there. WordPress counts every hit, even repeat hits from the same person i.e you.


    • I hate to correct people Kellie but unfortunately wordpress do not count my hits, they are genuine stats and show the interest in the story.If you read the thread, 100,000+ unique visits and only 30,000 viewed the uncensored pic. Go read wordpress site re stats if you don’t believe me.That means 70,000 people DID NOT click on the photo


      • Thanks for your reply Robbo. I know the trauma the family are going through, my point was of a wider nature. I think if anyone is going to be distressed or “traumatised” by a dog pretending to lick a mans genitals they need to firstly stop looking and secondly step out of their sheltered world. We still live in a world where 1 woman dies every minute during childbirth. Violence towards women in Australia isnt improving. As for the dog. It hasn’t been blooded for godsake. It wasn’t shackled for 2 days. It was involved in a simulated licking. It probably went into the back yard & and licked at some vomit that one of the guys had just purged. I’m told he’s fine. You can relax. And for your info. WordPress can be manipulated just like any other website… Cheers


  6. Simulated licking? So the dog was acting was it? Who knows what the dog was thinking…What a crock of shit that is.Pretending to lick his genitals? Are you kidding? Pretending? So blokes pretending to lick a females breasts is OK too, because it was simulated? Or because she had her top on? It is called deviant behaviour, and in many many places he would be locked up, you know it, I know it, his family know it and hopefully Joel knows how lucky he was. DO not try and defend the undefendable please, you only look silly

    You are blinded by something other than what is in front of your eyes. Related to the family? That’s fine sticking up for them but don’t tell me how the dog was just acting…It is impossible to try and reduce the facts here to a mere game like you are.
    I’m sure you would be really proud if you caught your husband etc doing the same thing…Open your eyes. One other thing, I don’t need stats, mine are rock solid without any particular story.I was just showing how outraged folks were by this poor sad incident. tata


    • Thanks for your reply . The thing about comparisons is that they really have to be apples for apples to be valid. Yours aren’t , and yours are either very violent or against women. Interesting. To make my point clearer for you I think dogs enjoy licking each others bums, old bones, their balls, their own vomit, anything really. The dog is hardly going to suffer trauma.
      Your websites for all it’s “amazing” number of hits doesn’t rate a mention on any of the mention on the media watch sites etc. I’m sure YOU know your numbers are solid because if you have any computer smarts at all you know you can control them.
      I’m off to work now. Have fun with this story about nothing much that’s given you lots of milage to play with, probably due to the fact that it’s just such an unusual story & it had a photo to go with it. Cheers.


      • Whatever, glad you are able to find something better to do! Don’t rush back will you haha I notice you don’t address the main issues (Joels behaviour, not the dogs). I cannot manipulate the site or whatever you rant on about, this site is not hosted by me, and why would I? I have had a few hundred thousand visit my site before this story came along,I don’t claim to be a world beater or award winning site Kellie. Thanks for taking the time to check my site is on the media watch sites too, whatever that is, I’m sure it will be one day.I have only been on a few months, its a shame you haven’t bothered to read some other interesting news on here that many many others enjoy. I love a good debate, and allow freedom of expression, enjoy your weekend working on your private collections and selling autographs,I always thought that was quite exploitive, selling things you get signed.Gee maybe the one signing your stuff was thinking you were a fan, not someone who was going to profit from their time…


    • Kellie – You’re an idiot. Your posts have no validity and this comment… “Yours aren’t , and yours are either very violent or against women”…What does it even mean? I’m pretty sure you have no idea either.

      How about you voice your uninformed opinions somewhere else. Leave this site for intelligent people!


  7. I dont understand why everyone has chosen to only hold Joel accountable. He is a human being who made a stupid mistake but the public reaction and the vilification is cruel! What about the stupid idiots who were at the party with him? The other high profile player who supposedly took the photo? I dont see anyone calling for their blood, it is baffling.

    There are so many mixed agenda’s going on in regards to the incident, I think it is grossly unfair of the media and public to be targeting him. Its as if everyone is making him a scapegoat for some reason or other and the calls have blood have been answered, he has resigned form the team.

    To see his remorse and shame suggests he has understands the full gravity of his silly actions and is that not enough for us? To continuously slag him off is akin to a psychological beating of the worst kind, I question how far he must go to satisfy those who think he he is solely accountable.

    I admit when I first heard the story I expressed disgust but when I saw how broken he was I began to wonder if the media and public have conveniently made more of this story than they should.

    Joel isnt responsible for the problems of rugby league, for year there have been stupid incidents with players who dont seem to have any self control. But I hardly think this one is any worse (ok, bestiality is not the norm but its not like Joel started a relationship with a dog and they engage in regular sexual activity right?). To put it into perspective, Joel made a dumbass mistake that was unfortunately captured for all the world to see.

    I do believe this will all blow over soon and become another boring archive in all our minds and hopefully Joel will have found his strength to stand strong enough to start overcoming his shame.

    But I keep wondering, when are the other party goers going to be held accountable?


    • Are you serious? If you are, he was a rugby league player for Canberra Raiders who quit in disgrace after a pic was released of him holding a dog by the ears with his pants down licking his genitals. if you want to know more about the guy here is the wikepedia link on him, or type his name in the search on this site and see how people feel about him. His future is undetermined at the moment.


      • Hay Robbo!!
        Yeah I am serious!!
        Not a Rugby Fan.
        Follow the AFL ( HAWTHORN )
        I will read the link attached.
        Thanks. Hmmm.. AFL players seem to get themselves into trouble with the 2 legged Variety???
        4 legged Thats New!!
        Was the dog a Pure Breed, or a Mongol??? Male or a Bitch?? heheheh.
        Sorry I have a sick sense of Humour!!
        Serious Though..
        Dont condone Cruelty acts against Animals..
        Will read the Link..


  8. did you actually post the pic on here? I saw it on twitter and didn’t want to see it again. I find it sick. I’m surprised beasiality isnt illegal in ACT? what’s that all about?


  9. I don’t follow sport but it sounds as though this fellow enjoys kicking puffed up pigskin and developing close encounters of the live bestial kind. In the unlikely event that he has a boy/girl friend it is hoped that someone advises them to take appropriate safe sex precautions until satisfied that this encounter was not an indicator of a more paraphilic private practice on his part.

    Was PETA or the RSPCA notified?


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