Remains likely to be Australian girl Zahra Baker

LATEST UPDATE from the ABC this morning…Very sad that they seem to have found little Zahra Baker’s remains

Remains may be Zahra Baker

ELIZABETH JACKSON: Police in Hickory, North Carolina, are holding a press conference to announce what they’re describing as a significant development in the disappearance of 10-year-old Australian girl Zahra Baker. They’ve been searching for her for over a month, but new evidence was recovered and sent to a police laboratory for analysis yesterday.

Our Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie joins us now with the latest. Craig what have investigators announced this morning?

CRAIG MCMURTRIE: Well, a very sombre Hickory police chief Tom Adkins spoke to reporters, He didn’t take questions; he just gave a statement saying that it was with great regret that he was standing before the reporters today to say that police believe they know have enough recovered evidence to believe that they have found Zahra Baker.

This is based on DNA results back on a bone that was found some time ago at a place called Christie Road, just outside Hickory, where Zahra Baker lived with her American stepmother and Australian father. They have matched DNA from that bone with samples taken from personal items from the family home.

He’s also saying that medical examiners at the site nearby, at a place called Gunpowder Creek, where investigators found human remains yesterday, that those medical examiners are saying that the remains recovered are consistent with a child.

They have been sent to a police laboratory. The police chief is saying that final conformation hasn’t been made yet, but they will take biological cheek swabs from Zahra Baker’s biological mother and father and then they will be able to confirm, but he’s saying that they have enough remains now and enough of an indication to say that they believe they have found Zahra Baker.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: So what happens from here Craig?

CRAIG MCMURTRIE: Well, essentially the analysis will take at least a week. Today, the police chief wouldn’t say how long it would take, but yesterday some of the investigators were saying that the analysis of those remains, which would be proof positive, would take about a week.

They are saying that they won’t be saying much at all to reporters for the next little while because the expectation is that they will now build their case.

So far the investigation really has centred on Zahra Baker’s parents; the American stepmother Elisa Baker, who is facing an obstruction of justice charge and is currently in jail, and her Australian father Adam Baker, who has been released on a bond for unrelated charges.

The case really has focused on those. Adam Baker is said to be cooperating with police, but we’ll have to await further developments.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: How widely has this case been reported in the States?

CRAIG MCMURTRIE: It’s generated a lot of interest. It has generated national attention, and in that community in North Carolina, the community has clearly been shocked by this; there’s shrine now outside the Baker family home.

Locals were going to the site. Word spread very quickly yesterday when search teams went to this place – Gunpowder Creek, where it was said human remains had been found, and locals were going there just to be there; to express solidarity with this 10-year-old girl.

Her story is just so tragic; she survived bone cancer and lung cancer. She moved to America with her Australian father two years ago and now, of course, she has been found dead.

It started out as a missing person‘s case. It quickly became a homicide case, and the chief of police, Tom Adkins, said that the investigators were just devastated that they had not been able to find her alive.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: Craig McMurtrie, thank you. That’s out Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie with the latest developments on the missing 10-year-old Australian girl Zahra Baker.

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5 thoughts on “Remains likely to be Australian girl Zahra Baker

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  2. Now they can arrest Adam…..they’re coming to get you maaate. And in NC they don’t mind using the DP at all. Hope he’s got a good lawyer.


    • Wow, are you jumping the gun or you know a bit more? Either way thanks for dropping in.At least her family and those that love her can rest in piece a little to know she is at rest and away from any more harm. It is now time to knuckle down a catch and prosecute the mongrel(s) that lead to her demise… Children are defenceless and crimes like this at are that top of my list… Take care


  3. Adam’s lies.

    On the 911 call Adam says ‘we looked in there’ as in on Zahra at 2:30am in the early hours before she was reported missing.

    ‘Ummm. We checked in there last night about 2:30 and she was there… and all this happened last night around 5 …so I don’t know if they set a fire in the yard to distract us to go out and then they snuck in the door… or.. I don’t know.’

    ‘The police were out here last night. They found a ransom note for my bosses daughter… um… I got up a little while ago… and it appears they took my daughter instead of my bosses daughter.’

    Yet in a statement to police he tells them he hasn’t seen her since Thursday

    But tells reporters he just returned from job hunting.

    ‘He said it wasn’t until he returned from job hunting on Saturday afternoon around 2.30pm that Elisa came out of the house “screaming and crying and saying Zahra was gone”.’

    So which one is it Adam, did you last see her a few hours ago, or more than two days ago? Did you just get up, or did you just return from job hunting?

    And why does he drive around with a poster on his truck that says “Zahra has been abused daily by her mother; who is now in jail and is a suspect in her disappearance.”

    Adam lived in that house too, so would have witness the abuse.

    His stories don’t add up, police are saying the last confirmed sighting of Zahra was September 25, so sounds to me like they don’t take his word either. I think it will come out that he was involved in at least the disposal of this precious child’s body.

    Just my opinion of course, and so sad.


  4. hii

    it is very sad what happened here with this case but one thing I am unsure of if someone can advise me WHY didnt the biological mum have her or was she just over there visiting her father or something



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